The Benefits of a Hub-and-Spoke Integration Model

Organizations today use hundreds of applications and a mix of new and legacy technologies to keep business running. Integrating applications and systems with relevant data is key for creating a seamless customer experience and provides users with a common layer to monitor business activity and piece together valuable data insights. Because they are not built [...]

Sirius White Paper: IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS)

IBM has integrated Netezza technology with the IBM Db2 engine to provide a common, consistent SQL interface for both Netezza and all Db2-centric database offerings. Called IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS), it solves a number of problems inherent to both the Mustang- and IBM BladeCenter server-based Netezza machines (TwinFin, Striper and Mako), while also innovating [...]

Sirius White Paper: Multi-Modal Data

Data warehousing used to be simple. If you wanted to stockpile and organize your data for analytics purposes, you spun up an extra database instance of whatever database platform your organization standardized on, connected your ETL tool of choice, modeled the data, wrote a few ETL routines, and set up regular refreshes. Today, things have [...]

Sirius White Paper: Four Key Strategies to Kickstart Your IoT Revolution

With the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses are evolving into nimble organizations by integrating operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT) to create new, more efficient and more effective business processes. All IoT transformations need to start with the same question: “What are we solving for?” In most cases, IoT initiatives start with a failure [...]

SDN: Buzzword or Business Tool?

Software-defined networking (SDN) solutions are the buzz of the networking industry, but the thought of deploying them can intimidate organizations that perceive themselves as unprepared to take on all that SDN entails. SDN is a paradigm shift, and compared to traditional solutions, it appears at first glance to be complex and may have an implied [...]

Sirius White Paper: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Data Management

As organizations look for opportunities for simplification, scalability and cost reduction in their virtualized infrastructures, the vendor community has responded with hyper‐converged infrastructures that relieve them of the burdens of design and integration. Nutanix has established itself as one of the visionary leaders in hyper‐converged and Web‐scale infrastructure, providing a scalable architecture that integrates the [...]

IDC White Paper: Quantifying the Business Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Linux as a secure, reliable and high-performing platform that lowers acquisition and operating costs while providing the agility needed to anticipate and react to changing business conditions. In particular, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating environment, which is based on the Linux open-source kernel, has become widely deployed by medium-sized [...]

InfoWorld White Paper: Surpassing Mobile App Challenges

New research shows that companies struggle with mobile user experience and closing the gaps on mobile security InfoWorld conducted a research study on enterprise mobility and what's driving businesses today to become mobile. The research reveals the top business objectives for a mobility strategy, as well as the biggest challenges that organizations are facing when [...]

Five Steps to Kickstarting Your Mobile Revolution

Mobile technologies are transforming businesses into more efficient and more responsive organizations. The mobile transformation is enabling businesses to provide anytime/anywhere information to customers, resulting in shorter sales cycles, brand loyalty and real-time insight. Jill Klein, a Sirius IT Solutions Consultant specializing in Enterprise Mobility, has written Five Steps to Kickstarting Your Mobile Revolution. Sirius [...]

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