What to Consider When Building a Remote Workforce

Today, businesses can’t operate under the assumption that the workplace is a one size fits all situation. While old school brick and mortar offices work for some, potential employees are starting to look for more flexible working environments. The best talent wants to be able to work where they want, whenever they want and on [...]

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Data Visualization Best Practices

Consuming the right data when you need it helps improve efficiency and reveal patterns and anomalies that your IT, sales and marketing managers can use to make better decisions. Whether you are looking to optimize business analytics solutions you already have in place, or implement new solutions to get more from your data, we have [...]

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Citrix and Nutanix: Managing the Cost and Complexity of App & Desktop Deployments

Managing infrastructure costs and complexity are keys to successful app and desktop virtualization delivery deployments. This is why Citrix is teaming up with Nutanix to offer a combined solution that includes the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure built on the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor and XenApp and XenDesktop. Together, we are giving customers a simple, scalable and cost-effective solution [...]

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How to Increase the Manageability and Economic Benefits of Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization has become a mainstay in the enterprise environment, helping companies to modernize and simplify countless storage activities. However, many organizations are not fully capitalizing on its manageability and economic benefits. In fact, virtualization solves certain challenges while creating others. With this in mind, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) set out to address these issues [...]

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Sirius Case Study: POWER8 and SSD at Group Dekko

Sirius client Group Dekko, Inc. (Dekko) was established in 1952 with five employees producing ready-made wiring harnesses for manufacturers of commercial refrigerators. Today, Dekko is a highly diversified company that employs approximately 1,500 associates across 11 facilities in three states and Mexico, manufacturing a broad variety of products for the office furniture, transportation, industrial, architectural [...]

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Top 3 Storage Issues Our Clients Are Experiencing

The largest data center expenditure in today’s IT operation is storage. The majority of organizations are struggling with: How to define the right storage for various workloads they currently have, and those workloads that are going to be deployed soon How to keep data updated, and how to transfer it securely to remote locations How [...]

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Why Commoditizing Virtual Infrastructure Is the New Imperative

Many executives want their IT infrastructure to be agile and prepared for cloud. Virtualizing computing and storage platforms results in optimized infrastructure that can expand and contract as needed. The problem: innovation is constrained by flat or declining budgets While virtualizing platforms helps companies build extra capacity into their enterprise, it often comes at a [...]

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The IBM Storwize Family: Efficiency and Storage Virtualization

IBM’s Storwize portfolio of tightly integrated storage virtualization systems creates efficiencies by reducing the storage space that data consumes, and the physical space its hardware occupies. The Storwize family helps improve performance with its ability to analyze and adapt to data-access patterns. It features embedded intelligence and analytics, and is flexible enough to support cloud [...]

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Preparing Your Virtualized Data Center for the Cloud

Intel Planning Guide: Technology for Tomorrow’s Cloud Virtualization is becoming the new norm for enterprise data centers. It’s also a key technology that can help you get to the cloud—and these days, the cloud is top of mind for most IT managers. If cloud is at the top of your agenda, you’re probably looking at [...]

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IDC White Paper: Quantifying the Business Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Linux as a secure, reliable and high-performing platform that lowers acquisition and operating costs while providing the agility needed to anticipate and react to changing business conditions. In particular, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating environment, which is based on the Linux open-source kernel, has become widely deployed by medium-sized [...]

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