Software-Defined Storage Is Awesome… If It Runs on Great Hardware!

It seems like everything is software-defined these days. You have software-defined networks, software-defined storage, and software-defined data centers. When did hardware get such a bad rap? After all, no matter what magic your software can do, it still requires hardware in order to run. I realize that what is really meant by software-defined is that [...]

VCE Raises Bar with All-Flash Vblock System, Is Acquired by EMC

The converged infrastructure space continues to evolve, and has seen an increase in competition from ‘hyper-converged’ platforms such as Nutanix over the last couple of years. Most organizations value pre-built solutions because they can reduce their time-to-value while simplifying their environment through pre-validated configurations. Hyper-converged platforms bring further simplicity by leveraging internal storage, and are designed for [...]

Forrester Study: Converging SAP Landscapes on Vblock Systems

In July 2013, VCE commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment that enterprises can realize by replatforming SAP on factory-integrated VCE Vblock Systems. The purpose of the study was to provide readers with a framework for evaluating the potential financial impact on their organization through [...]