4 Key Practices to Successfully Adopt an IT as a Service Strategy

IT leaders often struggle to find the right mix to remain in control of managing IT capacity and costs based on current business needs – IT as a Service (ITaaS) gives organizations the power of choice to pay for only the IT services they use while decreasing time to market. Every organization’s requirements vary based [...]

How to Keep Security Skill Gaps From Affecting Your Security Posture

The past year has been tough on IT security teams. A perfect storm of surging attacks during the pandemic coupled with the increasingly bleak cybersecurity skills shortage has left IT teams feeling "outnumbered,” according to a CNBC report. The need to quickly enable and manage the newly-remote workforce has caused almost half of the IT [...]

How Sirius Security Delivers Comprehensive Protection Spanning the Enterprise

Sirius Security is a dedicated practice within a $3.5-billion nationwide solutions integrator with global reach. We have nearly 20 years of experience helping organizations across the Sirius client spectrum to mature their security programs. Sirius Security helps them reduce risk, streamline and improve operations, and take a forward-leaning approach with proactive prevention, detection and response [...]

Top 10 Elements for Developing a Strong Information Security Program

Safeguarding information systems that use, transmit, collect, process, store and share sensitive information has become a top priority. The goal—to design and deploy a secure system that prevents impact to operations and assists in recovery from adverse situations—is the same from federal agencies to the private sector. Information security (InfoSec) is a broader practice that [...]

3 Challenges of Securing a Dynamic Enterprise Solved by 1 Solution

Your old perimeter was static—bounded by network devices and a determined physical location. Your new perimeter is elastic and defined by devices. And they are moving faster and farther than ever before. Keeping pace with this digital transformation is necessary to reduce risk to your organization. As the volume and diversity of endpoints increase, identifying, [...]

2 Ways Technology Can Help Employees Transition Back to the Office

As organizations across the globe are getting back to the office, one thing is certain: employees need workspaces that can adapt to changing demands. That’s why creating flexible approaches for your employees is critical to their productivity and well-being. But how do you enhance the employee experience while navigating uncertain times? Migrating technology from one [...]

How to Eat the CMMC Certification Elephant and Close Security Gaps

If your business serves the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is unlike any other framework for your organization. Certification—or lack of it—has a near-100% probability of affecting your bottom line. Your organization will not be awarded any Department of Defense (DoD) third-party bids without certification. What is the CMMC? The [...]

Sirius Achieves Okta Growth Partner of the Year Recognition

Sirius is honored to be recognized by Okta as their 2020 Growth Partner of the Year. The award was presented recently during Okta’s recent FY22 Sales Kickoff event. Sirius delivers identity and access management (IAM) solutions that improve our clients’ security posture, and this recognition is a testament to that dedication. “We are thrilled to [...]

Sirius Named by Check Point for Overall Booking Contribution

Sirius is honored to be recognized by Check Point Software Technologies as the Overall Booking Contribution leader for 2020. This award was presented during the recent Check Point Sales Kickoff 2021 virtual event and was accepted by Kevin Casson, Sirius vice president, Security. “Check Point is a long-standing Sirius partner and they continue to play [...]