Sirius Security White Glove Trials Now Available on AWS

While cybersecurity is now a top priority for company IT budgets, you also need to ensure that any security solution you choose will be both cost-effective and in alignment with your business goals before making this major strategic investment. When it’s an option, “Try before you buy” almost always leads to better purchasing decisions. This is [...]

Why Ransomware Groups Are Scarier Than Their Attacks

  The most concerning thing about the rising numbers of ransomware attacks isn’t the actual attacks. Instead, it’s the organized groups methodically and resolutely carrying out these attacks across the globe. Does this mean that the risks of ransomware have been overhyped? Not at all. Ransomware is now getting just the right amount of exposure. [...]

Sirius Achieves F5 Transformation Partner of the Year Recognition

Sirius, a CDW company, is proud to announce its selection by F5 as Transformation Partner of the Year, North America for 2021. F5 presents this annual award to the partner that best exemplifies alignment with F5’s strategies and success in driving new business through collaboration. Sirius received this prestigious recognition based on performance throughout the [...]

Sirius Gains Spot on MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSPs List for 2021

Sirius was recently named No. 68 on MSSP Alert’s list of the world’s Top 250 managed security service providers (MSSPs) for 2021. In Sirius’ second year participating in the MSSP Alert program, the company placed among the top 30% of MSSP providers on the list, further exemplifying how its proactive management solutions and services help enterprises [...]

How Managed Detection and Response Expands Team Resources

Remember that classic episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and Ethel are working on the production line in a chocolate factory? They’ve been told they will be fired if any chocolate gets past them unwrapped. Things start fine, but then the line speeds up. More and more chocolate comes their way, and even with [...]

Sirius Recognized as Exabeam 2021 Partner of the Year – Americas

San Antonio, TX – 22 October, 2021 –Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. (Sirius), a leading national IT solutions integrator, has been recognized by Exabeam as their 2021 Partner of the Year–Americas during its virtual Spotlight21 user conference. “Congratulations to the entire Sirius team –– the company’s strong industry relationships have helped establish and grow long-term joint [...]

Catch a Clear View to Maximize Cloud Endpoint Security

Leveraging cloud computing provides a strategic opportunity for many organizations and IT teams to deliver access everywhere, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and speed innovation. But the same ease of scale for applications and endpoints in the cloud also creates challenges. Controlling, maintaining and securing your organization’s cloud endpoints can be foggy without the right level [...]

Integrating Mainframe Data Into an Enterprise SIEM Strategy

A typical enterprise can collect millions of monitoring data points every day. Sifting through all that information and determining what may pose a security threat is where a SIEM (security information and event management) solution comes into play. In the early days SIEM solutions were not equipped to handle mainframe data, but that has changed. [...]

Top 3 Trends in End-User Computing Redefining the Workplace

As work-from-home became the norm around the globe over the past year, there has been a paradigm shift from traditional workplace environments to working remotely. End-user computing (EUC)—powered by technologies such as virtualization, mobile computing and cloud computing—has played a major role in this shift. Below are three key trends in end-user computing (EUC) that [...]

Endpoint Security—When Less Means More

Nearly 60 years after it was authored by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, Moore’s law is still relevant even beyond the world of semiconductors. You’re probably already familiar with his observation from 1965, regarding the empirical relationship of experience to gains in production. It stated that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would [...]

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