Recorded Webinar: IBM Q3 Power Announcements

Hear Sirius experts share their knowledge on IBM Power Systems hardware and other essential topics, including the IBM Power marketplace, SAP HANA capable workloads on the IBM Power9 product line and IBM Cloud Private on Power. View the recorded webinar now!

SAP HANA: More Is Here, More Is Coming

“I LOVE managing multiple small servers just to implement one business function” said no one, ever.  Until recently, the only way to scale SAP’s HANA database  to bigger than a terabyte or two was by using multiple “scale-out” servers in a cluster. Now that servers have much larger memory capabilities (the one must-have for HANA), [...]


Today’s organizations need servers designed for big data that are optimized and secure, and can adapt to changing business demands. POWER8 and SAP HANA not only help clients accelerate their business, but also provide the competitive edge to help them innovate like never before. Niel Balsino, Sirius Sr. Power Engineer for Linux, recently hosted a [...]

SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems – The Smarter Big Data Platform

Organizations now have a choice when it comes to selecting an SAP HANA platform. SAP HANA is an in-memory, columnar-based relational database that can really accelerate your SAP queries, analytics and reporting. SAP’s newest version of their ERP Business Suite, S4, also runs on the SAP HANA database. Instead of deciding which x86 commodity server [...]

HP ConvergedSystem + SAP HANA: The Next Generation in Data Management Platforms

HP has expanded its HP ConvergedSystem portfolio for SAP HANA, delivering the largest SAP-certified solution for SAP HANA platform-based workloads. The new HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA is a scalable system that will allow you to manage and analyze extremely large and diverse data sets from a single system, to facilitate real-time business decisions. [...]

Forrester Study: Converging SAP Landscapes on Vblock Systems

In July 2013, VCE commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment that enterprises can realize by replatforming SAP on factory-integrated VCE Vblock Systems. The purpose of the study was to provide readers with a framework for evaluating the potential financial impact on their organization through [...]