Signs Your Data Center Is Ready for All-flash and NVMe

One of the biggest game-changers in flash storage is the recent development of the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) interface, which transfers data between a host and a target device much faster than Small Computer System Interface (SCSI). Adding NVMe to the established benefits of flash, including improved performance and lower power consumption, has made all-flash [...]

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Seeing Eye to AI With Your Enterprise Data Strategy

Data science evangelists have long since predicted that the future business growth hinges on the intelligent use of data. Given the fact that data has grown exponentially in volume, executive leaders are increasingly aware of its importance. The most successful companies today are using large bodies of data to identify key insights, ultimately helping them [...]

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Sirius Wins at Pure Accelerate 2018

Sirius has won the 2018 Pure Storage Velocity Partner of the Year Award, which recognizes partners for tremendous growth. The winner is selected based on the highest percentage in channel lead sellers on a global basis. Pure Storage recognized its top technology and channel partners during its Global Partner Forum during Pure Accelerate, which was [...]

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Four Things You Need to Refresh Your Data Center

So, your systems are aging and it’s time to make data center upgrades. You have the option to “rip and replace,” but this process can disrupt application availability and productivity. When it comes to making upgrades, whether physical replacements or data migrations, traditional enterprise storage solutions can be limiting in terms of having the ability [...]

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Escape Dated Storage Practices

Last-generation IT assets can’t perform to today’s business expectations. Organizations are rapidly integrating flash into their current storage strategy. Sirius and Pure Storage have teamed up to help you “find your wild” by delivering the next great advances in enterprise storage speed performance. Consider thinking outside the box, try something new—go wild with a smart, [...]

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