Collaborate Digitally with Microsoft Teams

The workplace used to be a rigid, stuffy place where employees were expected to dress in a uniform or business wear and work at their desk or cubicle from 9 to 5 every day. These strict standards have roots in the Industrial Revolution, when it was crucial for people to work together in assembly [...]

Deliver Better Results, Reduce Cost and Improve Your ROI Using Agile

In today’s fast-paced world, requirements and priorities change frequently. Have you ever spent months or even years designing and implementing a system only to discover that much had changed, or that your customer no longer needed what was originally required? Wouldn’t it be better to set short iterations with frequent checkpoints, allowing your team to [...]

Effective Project Management Ensures Success for Multi-Site Rollouts

Sirius understands that clients often struggle with deploying new technologies to remote sites in a timely manner. Often, the technology solution can be simpler than the complexities of managing logistics across tens or even hundreds of sites. Sirius has a team of experienced, certified professionals dedicated to helping clients reduce their time to market, lower [...]

Mitigation Strategies: Part 2 – Poor Planning

Content authored by John Patton, Sirius Project Management Services Manager Part 2 in a series of articles looking at the common causes of project failure, and the mitigation strategies that can be employed using effective Project Management. To recap, industry analysts Gartner and The Standish Group have published statistics which indicate that as high as [...]