The Secret to Jumpstarting Your AI Strategy

Organizations across all industries are seeing the value and competitive advantage of having an artificial intelligence (AI) strategy.  AI applications include consumer sentiment analysis, market prediction and fraud risk, drug discovery and genomics, video classification, medical imaging, language processing, and sensor analysis, and numerous other AI use cases. The challenges of implementing an AI strategy [...]

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5 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Modernize Your Infrastructure

What era of servers is your business running on? Can your outdated infrastructure compete in the age of digital transformation, where unprecedented data growth is driving the business economy? Or are you continuing to invest in a platform that was built ten years ago, or even more? Decade-old servers can’t keep pace with the mechanisms [...]

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PowerAI: An Acceleration Superhighway for AI

While a DIY approach may be a fun way to tackle a home project, it’s not always the best way to get a job done. For example, why go through the complex and labor-intensive process of building a car from all its individual parts before you can enjoy driving it, when you can buy a [...]

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IBM POWER8 Just Keeps Getting Better

Last Spring IBM announced their new POWER8 processor portfolio, the first processors designed specifically for big data. Now, they’re building on the success of their scale-out server models by announcing the follow on enterprise-class POWER8 server models, the E870 and E880. IBM continues to bring innovative technology to the Power Systems platform by introducing servers [...]

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Change Your IT World with IBM POWER8

IBM has recently announced the release of the new POWER8 platform. The POWER8 technology offers a tremendous boost in performance over past versions, with a price point that is better than ever! How did IBM do it? POWER8 features include: More cores, and eight threads per core Larger cache per core Larger memory Improved I/O [...]

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