Mobile Enterprise: Sirius Boosts Your Mobile Game

At Sirius, we help businesses leverage mobility in various ways to increase competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. Our team will work with you to develop a mobile strategy, design and build apps, and much more. Additionally, Sirius Challenge3 is now available. This is a three-day workshop that has been specifically developed to give our clients [...]

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  • What’s the Right Enterprise Mobility Management Suite for You?

What’s the Right Enterprise Mobility Management Suite for You?

In the age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), many organizations are facing the dilemma of somehow securely integrating and managing personal mobile devices within the enterprise. The field of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is filled with acronyms like MDM, MAM, MCM, DLP and more, which can be confusing to business leaders who have to [...]

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First Steps to Building Your Mobile Enterprise

If building a mobile enterprise were easy, everyone would have done it by now. The reality is that every organization is in a different stage on its journey towards mobile maturity. Some have already found ways to make mobility a core, transformative part of their business, while others are still just stepping out of the gate, recognizing the need and [...]

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Mobile Cloud Services to Extend Your Mobile Users’ Reach and Expertise

Mobile devices have expanded and enriched our personal and professional lives in recent years, to the point that they seem nearly indispensable. It is difficult to imagine a time when you could not beam text or pictures across the globe in a matter of seconds, access an up-to-the-minute weather report to plan your day, search [...]

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Speed Mobile and Web Innovation with API Management (APIM)

Web application programming interfaces -- more generally known as just APIs -- are a way to expose core business data and services to external business entities or apps for the purpose of business expansion. This is a hyper evolution of the current model where a website is considered only an interaction touchpoint between a business [...]

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Get Started with Mobility Today!

The Sirius Mobile team is excited for the launch of our new Mobility Solutions video!  In less than three minutes, we explore the business value and challenges of becoming a mobile enterprise that enables you to attract new employees and customers, increase existing loyalty, and transform your business. The video highlights key elements and considerations [...]

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No-Charge Workshop for Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Are you struggling with how to determine what enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions are best for your business? Are you trying to figure out how to manage and control Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options and/or corporate owned-devices? You are not alone. Sirius can help you identify specific solutions, develop strategies and more for your business’ [...]

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Mobility’s Next Big Thing: Serviceability and Usability!

Have you ever downloaded a mobile application only to find it is not that easy to navigate, response time is poor, and you are not getting the information you want when you want it? Is your own company suffering a mobile Web misfire, a two-star app, or worse? First- and second-generation apps are sunsetting! We [...]

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Why Understanding Mobile Moments Impacts Application Success

Mobile application development is still in its infancy, and is challenged with similar growing pains that were experienced with client/server applications in the ’80s and the Web in the ’90s. The challenges companies face include standards, strategies, architecture, device priorities, and now the multitude of form factors and user expectations. The biggest and most common [...]

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Mobile Web and Application Design & Development Services Deliver Game-Changing Solutions

A mobile mind-shift is happening, changing the way business is transacted today. What has changed? Our expectation that we can get what we want or need, right now, wherever we are. Businesses are struggling with integrating and leveraging mobile applications across their enterprise in order to provide a consistent, seamless user experience. Security, connectivity, scalability, [...]

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