Mobile Web and Application Design & Development Services Deliver Game-Changing Solutions

A mobile mind-shift is happening, changing the way business is transacted today. What has changed? Our expectation that we can get what we want or need, right now, wherever we are. Businesses are struggling with integrating and leveraging mobile applications across their enterprise in order to provide a consistent, seamless user experience. Security, connectivity, scalability, [...]

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Drive Desired Results with a Mobile Roadmap

Businesses today recognize they need to embrace mobile – and the opportunities and benefits it can provide if utilized correctly. But the primary challenge many companies face is how to incorporate mobile technologies and solutions in their overall strategy, and how to deliver value. Mobile impacts our lives both personally and professionally. It is creating [...]

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MDM in Minutes: Deploy, Secure and Support Smartphones and Tablets

According to Gartner (2013)*, by 2016 over 30% of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies will leverage personal applications, data and social connections for enterprise purposes. Companies need to prepare for the influx of mobile device usage in the workplace – including managing growing workforce expectations around mobility such as the ability to use any [...]

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Catching the Transition to Mobile Workspace Solutions

For 25 years, Citrix has been the company that understood the requirements of people and the way they want to work with technology. To put it simply, people want the ability to work from anywhere; have the ability to use the device of their choice; and posess the ability to communicate with customer and colleagues [...]

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How to Create Successful Apps for the Mobile Workforce

Mobile apps are big business, and for good reason: People are able to blend their personal and professional tasks in one device. But sometimes finding the perfect app for a specific function is difficult, and organizations end up making do with apps that don’t meet their needs. The solution? Create your own. By developing enterprise [...]

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Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management Support for Intel Device Protection Technology

Citrix and Intel have had a long history of successful mutual joint collaboration. Many of Citrix products take full and direct advantage of Intel’s hardware-assisted technologies. To name a few: Citrix Xen Project open-source hypervisors has entertained long time supported from Intel with Intel being an active member of its steering committee. Xen has become [...]

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