Combating Mobile App Performance Issues

Today, mobility is key for a successful business, and you must make sure your mobile applications deliver on customer needs. As companies implement their digital transformation plans, the mobile user becomes increasingly important—and for some industries, critically vital. Our clients need tools that provide a complete, end-to-end picture, and that starts with the mobile device. [...]

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APIs: The Secret Sauce behind Cloud, Mobile and Social

Cloud, Mobile and Social (CM&S) are the new engagement models. One thing to carefully consider is the word “models” here; it's important to realize the importance and clearly understand that no reference architecture or digital transformation strategy would be complete without encompassing the CM&S engagement models. For example, some of the most popular applications today, [...]

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How to Make Your Business Mobile

Sirius has mobile experts that can help get your business on track. Whether you’re just figuring out how to get started or you’ve utilized mobile in the past, we can take you to the next level in enterprise mobile solutions. Benefits your organization can achieve from a successful mobile strategy and execution include: Increased workforce [...]

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First Steps to Building Your Mobile Enterprise

If building a mobile enterprise were easy, everyone would have done it by now. The reality is that every organization is in a different stage on its journey towards mobile maturity. Some have already found ways to make mobility a core, transformative part of their business, while others are still just stepping out of the gate, recognizing the need and [...]

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Sirius Attends Dell World 2015

Dell World is an annual event where business leaders, technologists, developers, designers and channel partners share ideas, stories and best practices that guide and inspire innovative thinking. The overall messaging at the event centered around “Digital Transformation” and “Future Ready.” Dell believes most organizations want to do business with fewer vendors and suppliers, especially as [...]

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6 Toxic Behaviors that Sabotage Linux App Success

We have all worked on projects that haven’t been entirely smooth or successful. This happens for a lot of reasons, but I thought I’d share some of the top factors that get in the way of successful Linux application development, and invite others to share their experiences. 1: Doesn’t Play Well with Others Everyone has [...]

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Content Plus Data Equals Exceptional User Experience in an Omni-channel World

Sirius Practice Manager Jarrod Lay discusses how content and data make for an exceptional user experience in an omni-channel world. His feature article below was originally published in the IBM Commerce blog.   Whether you are responsible for the P&L of digital properties or part of a team supporting web sites, mobile sites, hybrid sites [...]

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Mobile Web and Application Design & Development Services Deliver Game-Changing Solutions

A mobile mind-shift is happening, changing the way business is transacted today. What has changed? Our expectation that we can get what we want or need, right now, wherever we are. Businesses are struggling with integrating and leveraging mobile applications across their enterprise in order to provide a consistent, seamless user experience. Security, connectivity, scalability, [...]

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