Integrating Mainframe Data Into an Enterprise SIEM Strategy

A typical enterprise can collect millions of monitoring data points every day. Sifting through all that information and determining what may pose a security threat is where a SIEM (security information and event management) solution comes into play. In the early days SIEM solutions were not equipped to handle mainframe data, but that has changed. [...]

Sirius IBM Z Webinar Series: State of the Mainframe 2020

The recent introduction of the IBM z15 and LinuxONE III demonstrated once again that the IBM mainframe platform is alive and well, and continuing to set the standard for enterprise computing with unsurpassed reliability, securability, scalability and flexibility. To help you navigate updates to the platform that came with the new hardware, the Sirius IBM [...]

IBM Z® Series: Outsmarting Enhanced Mainframe Security & Compliance Threats

Built on over four decades of continually enhanced virtualization technology, IBM® Z offers an advanced combination of security, resiliency, flexibility and availability. Companies investing in their futures are realizing the benefits of IBM Z, and analysts are reporting lower total cost of ownership for companies moving more applications to these systems. Sirius has a dedicated [...]

How to Protect Your Organization from Devastating Compromises

Mainframe Protection Your organization’s mainframe deals with a diverse range of workloads, including cloud, mobile and big data. Learn how to maximum your mainframe’s security to reduce risk through security administration, monitoring, audit and compliance. Secure Your Data Protect your organization from malicious breaches and proprietary data theft? Learn how the latest Guardium V10.1 helps [...]

Does Your Storage Strategy Need a Refresh?

When it comes to developing a data management strategy, IT managers need to be able to evaluate two things: buy-in costs of data management, and the rising costs of managing data incorrectly. With today’s data growth rates soaring to estimated 100 percent year over year, both IT administrators individual lines of business need a data [...]

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