The Five Types of Technologists: Who’s Working for You?

Believe it or not, there is a formula for business transformation and realizing the best possible business outcomes that stays pretty consistent. That formula consists of three key variables: the right environment, the right tools, and the right talent. It can be argued that the right talent—the savvy, innovative individuals who work for you—is the [...]

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Why ITSM? 5 Questions to Consider

Are you constantly thinking about how to better design, implement, operate and maintain your IT services in a cost-effective manner, all while making sure they are high-quality, consistent and reliable? If this describes your situation, then it’s time to consider Sirius IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. To determine which aspects of ITSM are right for [...]

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Sirius White Paper: Four Key Strategies to Kickstart Your IoT Revolution

With the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses are evolving into nimble organizations by integrating operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT) to create new, more efficient and more effective business processes. All IoT transformations need to start with the same question: “What are we solving for?” In most cases, IoT initiatives start with a failure [...]

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VIDEO: Get Through the IT Modernization Jungle

The successful implementation of a converged solution requires careful planning, a collaborative approach, and deep expertise. Watch the video below and learn how the experienced and certified professionals at Sirius, a Dell EMC Titanium Partner, and Dell EMC can lead you through the modernization jungle for faster outcomes and simpler IT.   Sirius [...]

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Strategy Is Key to Success in the Cloud

The joke going around IT circles is that ‘Cloud is just someone else’s computer.’ I appreciate the humor of this because there is so much marketing buzz around cloud that it almost makes it difficult to comprehend its true value. As a Cloud Program Manager for Sirius, I view cloud as a model for enabling [...]

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Roadmap to an Automated Data Center

If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth automating. True automated management solves some of the largest problems facing IT administrators today by removing the complexities associated with data growth, resource allocation and control, programmatic and repeatable results. But, is automation worth the investment? Well, 82% of enterprises use automation and 50% have fewer deployment failures [...]

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Six Steps to Stronger IT

By 2018, 25% of data center investments will go to supporting next-gen workloads. In the next two years, 30% of businesses will experience failure due to hardware obsolescence. Last-generation IT assets can’t perform to today’s business expectations. Think your IT is as strong as it can be? Consider these strategic steps to speed IT service [...]

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Get Started Aligning Your Data Strategy with Your Business Strategy

How organizations create data, use and protect it are major concerns for IT leaders today. And rightly so. Storage technology is changing at a blindingly fast pace. And the evolution of cloud, object, hybrid, software, flash, NVM (non-voluntary memory) and software-defined storage solutions provide a nearly baffling dearth of options. At Sirius, we recommend IT [...]

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Digital Promotion: Transform IT into a Healthy Business Asset with Sirius Managed Services

Increasing costs, shrinking budgets, and attracting and retaining technical resources are common IT management challenges distracting today’s IT leaders from strategic business outcomes. To relieve your IT staff of day-to-day administrative chores, Sirius offers flexible, cost-effective solutions for managing your IT assets, including servers, storage and networking, as well as operating systems and even applications. [...]

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