4 IT Maintenance Pitfalls to Avoid

Constantly changing IT assets can make it very difficult for businesses to keep track of all their hardware and software maintenance contracts. Do you know how many contracts you have at any given time and which ones may be about to expire? Unfortunately, if your business doesn’t have the proper maintenance oversight, you run the [...]

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What’s in Your Toolbox: Renovating IT infrastructure

We all know that data is growing exponentially. The nature of data is changing, too, including more video, audio and images than ever. And it comes from different places, such as social media and the Internet of Things in addition to the enterprise itself. Data is used in analytics operations and cognitive workloads, and is [...]

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How Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) Saves Time and Money for IT

All too often, enterprises approach the integration of a new technology or infrastructure component as though it will be the solution to every challenge. For example, if there are some latency issues for end-users, or a boot time takes twice as long as expected, an IT team decides it’s time for something ‘better‘ or ‘faster,’ [...]

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