Security Is the Foundation for Achieving Digital Dominance

Where are you on the path to digital transformation? Perhaps you’re just starting to build a transformation plan, or maybe you already have a grip on what you want to accomplish but don’t know where to start. The foundation of any successful enterprise is to become and remain a trusted organization or brand. And a [...]

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Preparing Your Virtualized Data Center for the Cloud

Intel Planning Guide: Technology for Tomorrow’s Cloud Virtualization is becoming the new norm for enterprise data centers. It’s also a key technology that can help you get to the cloud—and these days, the cloud is top of mind for most IT managers. If cloud is at the top of your agenda, you’re probably looking at [...]

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Building a Business Case for Private Cloud Infrastructure

IT professionals worldwide and across all types of industries are finding that it’s time to remove existing silos in the data center and evolve toward a software-defined, business-centric converged architecture. Beginning the journey toward a more intelligent, converged infrastructure requires careful planning and the right approach. Sirius brings a 35-year history in supporting both legacy [...]

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[Video] Innovation Starts with Modernization, Standardization and Optimization

Red Hat and Intel collaborate energetically to ensure that binary code compatibility and optimization to deliver greater agility and lower TCO to customers. That includes optimizing platforms for virtualization and secure cloud computing. Hardware technologies and software products from Intel and Red Hat are field-proven, with many years of continuous improvement in design and optimization.  [...]

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Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management Support for Intel Device Protection Technology

Citrix and Intel have had a long history of successful mutual joint collaboration. Many of Citrix products take full and direct advantage of Intel’s hardware-assisted technologies. To name a few: Citrix Xen Project open-source hypervisors has entertained long time supported from Intel with Intel being an active member of its steering committee. Xen has become [...]

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Business Drivers for Cloud

Cloud is not HYPE for us – we see core business value in using and maximizing the cloud.  Benefits align with the key elements of our Data Center Strategy and the needs of our business (agility, efficiency, security and availability).  Cloud Computing and the usage models it brings is forcing us to change the way [...]

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Sirius, Intel and VMware: Performance and Security for Mission-Critical Enterprise Computing

IT organizations are virtualizing mission-critical workloads at an increasing rate, as they discover that the benefits of virtualization are even more compelling when applied to their most important business applications. VMware vSphere running on the Intel Xeon processor family provides the scalable performance, high availability and strong security you need to virtualize any workload, so [...]

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Your business moves fast. Keep up, with Sirius and Intel.

Businesses are more mobile than ever these days. Few workers sit in an office tethered to a stationary computer. You and your employees are out and about, multitasking nonstop, visiting customers, running through airports, working from home. You need computers that can move with you, giving you access to business data from anywhere. Watch the [...]

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A look at enterprise mobile security [INFOGRAPHIC]

Enterprise employees can work any time, from any location. And they’re working on more devices than ever before. It’s a great thing for productivity, but it means that enterprise IT leaders need to find a way to protect and manage these devices. With 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, your mobile workforce can be both [...]

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