Forge and Navigate a Transformation for Your Business with 6 Keys to Success

“Transformation” is a buzzword in the IT industry today. But what does transformation really mean and, more specifically, what does transformation mean for your business? The rush to incorporate new technologies won’t serve your business well unless you have a well-defined mission statement with a solid business case before you begin. Business transformation is not [...]

The Art of the DevOps Possible

Is your organization or team looking to improve business results by applying and adopting a DevOps culture and practices that develop, deliver, and operate software faster and with higher quality? We recently sat down with four of Sirius’ brightest DevOps minds to uncover and break down the complexities and organizational challenges that many of our [...]

5 Things Stopping Innovation Dead in Its Tracks

Sirius Business Optimization Services Practice Director Joseph Lagerstrom, and Senior Solution Architect Makarand Kulkarni, share their thoughts on what holds companies back from innovating, stifling their ability to survive in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Read Ann Sheridan’s interview with them (which was originally featured in IBM Middleware Conversations) below. Fifty years ago the life expectancy of [...]