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Visualize Your Customers’ Digital Experience

For any online business facing pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs, Customer Experience Management is an essential strategy. Having the ability to visualize your customers’ experience and pinpoint their struggles on your Website can mean the difference between delivering better service and possibly losing their business forever. Customer Experience Management solutions provide critical visibility, [...]

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Six Powerful Solutions to Your Toughest Business Challenges

What are the challenges that occupy line-of-business managers every hour of every day... and keep IT managers up at night, and working weekends? The Sirius Software practice has honed in on the six challenge areas that our clients are focused on, and is helping clients implement six powerful solutions from our top partners. Discover how [...]

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Getting a Handle on Customer Experience Management with IBM Tealeaf

How do customers perceive their every interaction with your company? Do you know exactly what it’s like to be a customer of yours, and what kind of customer experience your company is delivering day in and day out? Are your customers waiting too many seconds on hold, or too many hours for a service call, [...]

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