Is the Time Right for Linux on IBM z Systems?

2015 is upon us, and it looks to be a great year for IBM z Systems. On January 14, IBM announced a new generation of z technology. And along with the hardware and many software announcements being made, they will also introduce new solutions for Linux on z. We can expect more-powerful hardware, and software [...]

IBM Announces Newest z Systems Mainframe

IBM has captured several of the major technology shifts happening today with the announcement last week of the latest member of the z Systems family, the new IBM z13—IBM Introduces Mobile-Centric Z13 Mainframe. IBM knows that consumers’ desire to find information and transact business using mobile devices is driving the need for integration of mobile [...]

Protect Your Enterprise Security with IBM System z

Most experts believe current controls are no longer adequate to protect against enterprise security attacks, because today’s enterprise threats are more sophisticated; enterprise vulnerabilities increase dramatically with the emergence of mobile, cloud and BYOD; and explosive growth of the interconnected digital universe. Attacks and breaches do not generally happen at the push of a button [...]