Are You Doing These Four Things to Protect Your Virtual Environment?

With the explosive growth of data, and the increased dependency on accurate and timely access to that data, many organizations are struggling with the complexity of protecting modern IT environments. The need to streamline operations has made virtualization a standard, and often shifts the responsibility for data protection from backup administrators to workload owners and [...]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Mitigating Data Risks

As the digital universe continues to grow exponentially, IT administrators are struggling to keep pace. And they’re not always succeeding: according to data experts, in 2014 data loss and downtime cost organizations an estimated $1.7 trillion dollars. From natural disasters to computer viruses to just old-fashioned human error, data loss can happen to even the [...]

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite: Complete Flexibility for Software-Defined Storage Helping Drive Up To 40% In Savings

Sirius Computer Solution continues to be a leader in providing integrated Software-Defined Storage solutions to our clients. Our expertise in understanding client infrastructure and marrying that with desired business outcomes gives us the ability to delight hundreds of satisfied clients. With our unique integration capability across a wide array of en terprise disciplines, Sirius can [...]