Sirius White Paper: IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS)

IBM has integrated Netezza technology with the IBM Db2 engine to provide a common, consistent SQL interface for both Netezza and all Db2-centric database offerings. Called IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS), it solves a number of problems inherent to both the Mustang- and IBM BladeCenter server-based Netezza machines (TwinFin, Striper and Mako), while also innovating [...]

Four Ways to Improve Your Data Strategy

Organizations are searching for solutions that provide the speed, simplicity, flexibility and analytic power needed to modernize their data warehouse. Earlier this week, IBM released a new technology. IBM Integrated Analytics System seamlessly assimilates Netezza technology into the IBM database family. Over the past few months, as part of the beta testing program, Sirius was [...]