Three Things You Need to Manage Your Big Data

Storage requirements have changed overtime and will continue to evolve as organizations make their shift towards next-generation apps and the hybrid cloud. As a result, data center teams have to efficiently manage this evolution of growth in order to meet storage challenges.  Why does big data storage matter? To get real value out of data [...]

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Your Noisy Neighbor vs. Hybrid Cloud Technology

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor, especially in the world of cloud computing. The cloud is a multi-tenant environment, meaning a single architecture hosts multiple clients’ applications and data. The noisy neighbor effect occurs when a cloud computing infrastructure co-tenant monopolizes bandwidth, disk I/O, CPU and other resources. This can negatively affect other users’ cloud computing [...]

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Do You Have What It Takes to Defeat the Evil League of Latency?

Virtualized VMware environments require high performance from every component, especially storage systems. And IBM FlashSystem V9000 is your secret weapon! Click here and play the Data Dash game starring LoLo Latency, and learn how IBM FlashSystem V9000 can help you: Minimize latency and improve performance Operate with maximum efficiency in virtualized VMware environments Virtualize all [...]

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IBM Case Study: Sirius Helps UF Health Implement FlashSystem for Epic Performance Gains

A high-performance Epic electronic health record (EHR) infrastructure solution at Sirius client UF Health Shands Hospital is the focus of a new IBM case study. Shands Hospital is the teaching hospital for the University of Florida (UF). Approximately 1,300 UF College of Medicine faculty and community physicians—working with approximately 12,000 UF Health Shands and UF [...]

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IBM Flash Solution Offers All-Flash Performance at HDD Price

Organizations that are considering adding storage capacity may be surprised to learn that all-flash subsystems from IBM have now become cost-competitive with traditional spinning disk. Hybrid storage systems with both low-cost hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) are typically bundled in an array, with the intent of improving performance by tiering hot [...]

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Optimized Storage for Epic Healthcare Environments

New IBM white paper details performance and cost advantages of IBM FlashSystem storage and Power Systems servers for Epic environments Extensive recent testing has demonstrated that IBM FlashSystem flash storage solutions cost-effectively meet the demanding storage performance requirements of Epic software, the leading suite of integrated electronic medical record (EMR) products for the healthcare industry. [...]

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