Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure Right for Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy?

Over the past few years, as the term cloud has permeated every information technology company’s messaging and embedded itself within the IT lexicon, I find myself cringing every time I see this word. Aside from being the most overused marketing term in the industry today it can also be quite vague. What is cloud anyway? Simply put, [...]

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Offers Integrated Virtual Backup and Recovery

Implementing a backup and recovery plan for your virtual environment can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. A key challenge is predicting the amount of storage capacity that will satisfy the future needs of the organization. Another common obstacle is system upgrades; many traditional DR deployments rely on rigid, hardware-based architectures that are expensive and involve [...]

Free Your Virtual Desktops from the High Costs of SAN

In a traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment, one of the biggest costs is storage. In the past, the storage infrastructure required to meet the needs of a demanding, real-world VDI could quickly outprice any VDI solution, especially when compared to the falling cost of desktops and laptops. This brings the need for a solution [...]

IT Transformation with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Today’s IT news articles, especially those attempting to snag the focus and attention of the CXO, notoriously toss around buzzwords and marketing banter in hopes that you’ll listen to their message and buy into their product. One of the hot buzzwords going around right now is “convergence” or any variation thereof (e.g. converged or hyper-converged [...]

Sirius White Paper: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Data Management

As organizations look for opportunities for simplification, scalability and cost reduction in their virtualized infrastructures, the vendor community has responded with hyper‐converged infrastructures that relieve them of the burdens of design and integration. Nutanix has established itself as one of the visionary leaders in hyper‐converged and Web‐scale infrastructure, providing a scalable architecture that integrates the [...]