HP OneView – A Step-by-Step How-To Guide

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend one of the first training classes for HP OneView version 1.2, which was hosted by Avnet in Scottsdale, AZ. While I had seen some presales demos and introductions to the solution, I had not been able to actually work with it. OneView installs easily as a virtual machine [...]

Say Goodbye to Microsoft Windows Server 2003

The time to migrate away from Windows Server 2003 is running out. On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will discontinue support of this older operating system. If you have older servers that are still running Windows Server 2003, it’s time to think about migrating to newer, more efficient servers. Take this opportunity to migrate your IT [...]

Sirius and HP Provide Hands-on Experience

When it comes to better understanding the latest technologies, Sirius consultants and client executives know that it’s always better to show our clients various products and solutions in person, rather than asking them to sit through a presentation describing how it works. That’s why HP and Sirius are hosting hands-on client briefings at HP’s Customer [...]

Fast, Resilient and Efficient Storage for Virtualization, Cloud and ITaaS

Until recently, flash-accelerated storage was used almost exclusively to speed up application performance by taking advantage of its higher I/O. But now that flash storage is more affordable and there is better software available to compress, de-dupe and supply data on flash arrays, it is possible to get rid of spinning disk arrays altogether. That’s [...]

The Future of Security Is Already Here

Information security has always been a game of doing the most with the least. Security teams have to watch a broad surface area with minimal tools and staff. Security has never been fully funded and because of this security leaders have focused the bulk of their monitoring budget on the biggest perceived threat, and the [...]

HP ConvergedSystem + SAP HANA: The Next Generation in Data Management Platforms

HP has expanded its HP ConvergedSystem portfolio for SAP HANA, delivering the largest SAP-certified solution for SAP HANA platform-based workloads. The new HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA is a scalable system that will allow you to manage and analyze extremely large and diverse data sets from a single system, to facilitate real-time business decisions. [...]

The Top 5 Challenges of Data Security Today

Information is pervasive, and although that provides major benefits for an organization, all that data also creates a strain on an intrusion prevention system and security intelligence strategy. But knowing your key challenges can help. Focus your firepower on these five major areas: 1. Mobility A recent survey from Dimension Data found that 77 percent [...]

Key Ways Converged Infrastructure Can Change Your Environment

Looking for a fresh approach for an IT environment? One that will lower costs, increase speed and align IT with business objectives? Then ditch the silos. The traditional IT operation model, in which specific IT resources are deployed for particular tasks or applications in a silo-like manner, is fast becoming an outdated way of management. [...]

Big Data’s Key Challenges and Opportunities

The amount of data generated every day is staggering – from sales figures and customer data to email responses and stock transactions. Add to that a billion personal devices swapping texts, links, photos, and videos, all zipping across networks together. When all that information is combined, it's known as Big Data. Big Data’s big benefits [...]

How to Create Successful Apps for the Mobile Workforce

Mobile apps are big business, and for good reason: People are able to blend their personal and professional tasks in one device. But sometimes finding the perfect app for a specific function is difficult, and organizations end up making do with apps that don’t meet their needs. The solution? Create your own. By developing enterprise [...]