Blockchain in Healthcare: Greater Security, Fewer Mistakes, Less Paper

If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “blockchain” is Bitcoin, you’re not alone. Cryptocurrencies were built on blockchain’s system of using distributed, permissioned computing to create a virtual ledger that could be used to confirm and ensure the accuracy and security of transactions. In the healthcare industry, where the security of [...]

[New Sirius Report] Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey 2018

In 2017, nearly half of the ransomware attacks targeted healthcare organizations. Last year, the biggest healthcare data breaches came as the result of weaponized ransomware, misconfigured cloud storage buckets and, most notably, phishing emails. What does this mean for your healthcare organization? You’ll need to examine your current IT strategy in order to incorporate a [...]

Need to Know: Encryption of Data-at-Rest for Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers, encryption of data-at-rest has been a significant topic of conversation. HIPAA/HITECH security rules (45 CFR Part 160, 162, 164) do not provide a prescriptive requirement for encryption of healthcare information. As long as the data is in the control of the provider, electronic private health information (ePHI) does not have to be [...]