Flash, You’re It: Preparing for IT Changes in the Future

Storage infrastructures should have the ability to keep pace with dynamic business requirements and changing flash technologies, while providing long-term investment protection. If the limits of your current storage infrastructure are affecting your bottom line, it’s time to take a long, hard look at how you’re using flash storage. Ready to advance your data center? [...]

How One City’s Upgrade to Flash Improves Public Safety

Like any other thriving urban center, the City of Rochester, New York strives to preserve public safety and deliver services as efficiently as possible. When Rochester needed a solution to improve the city’s productivity, efficiency and public safety, they chose a NetApp All Flash FAS solution. Delivered by Sirius, the NetApp E-Series solution has helped: [...]

Is “Flash & Trash” Ready for the Garbage Can?

I once was an advocate of the storage industry’s so-called Flash & Trash design approach. I enjoy saying this to clients and watching their reactions. Flash & Trash is the combination of Flash, NAND-based storage, and the big, dumb animal version of the traditional magnetic disk (7200 RPM or slower, but high-capacity NL-SAS/SATA). On the [...]

Flash Boldly Goes Where No HDD Has Gone Before!

For many IT decision-makers in both the public and private sectors, flash is the new frontier for storage. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. Flash storage consumes as little as 20 percent of the power of traditional spinning disk, yet reads as much as 100 times faster. That means lower TCO, [...]

IBM Flash Solution Offers All-Flash Performance at HDD Price

Organizations that are considering adding storage capacity may be surprised to learn that all-flash subsystems from IBM have now become cost-competitive with traditional spinning disk. Hybrid storage systems with both low-cost hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) are typically bundled in an array, with the intent of improving performance by tiering hot [...]

Overcome Colossal Data Growth with IBM FlashSystem

Colossal data growth and tightening budgets are forcing enterprise IT -- as well as leaders of individual lines of business -- to view data strategy as a critical asset of the modern organization. Addressing this need, IBM recently introduced a portfolio of transformative storage offerings, including IBM FlashSystem, to drive economic value across the data [...]