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Case Study: Financial Process Automation (FPA) Solution

One of the nation’s largest state governments’ procurement and accounts-payable system used inefficient and siloed processes across 57 agencies, increasing costs and limiting visibility into liabilities. Sirius helped the State implement a Financial Process Automation (FPA) solution based on IBM® Case Manager and IBM Datacap. The new FPA solution has increased the State’s accounts-payable receiving [...]

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Free Report: 9 Steps to Continuity Success for Financial Services

Financial Services: 9 Steps to Continuity Success, a Channel Partners Toolbox report issued this month, provides insights on how financial services firms can ensure a successful business continuity strategy. Business continuity covers not just your systems, but also data, facilities, infrastructure, communications -- and most importantly, your people. A successful business continuity plan helps companies [...]

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Ten Good Reasons to Consider Financing or Leasing for Your Next IT Project

Even if you have cash on hand, financing or leasing your IT projects makes a ton of sense, and can actually cost you less than paying with cash reserves! That’s especially true if you consider the opportunity cost of tying up capital in depreciating assets rather than investing it in projects and resources that add [...]

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