Infographic: Attribution Modeling Approaches

Marketing attribution means identifying a set of user action–events or touchpoints–that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then assigning a value to each of those events. The concept isn’t new, but the methods and tools available have become more powerful. Tracking ROI and determining the KPIs of digital campaigns are key to [...]

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3 Tips for Holiday Readiness

Last year’s Cyber Monday set the record for the largest online sales day ever, according to This year, they’re expecting upward of $7.25 billion in sales. Is your company prepared for the upcoming holiday season? These are three tips to help you ramp up on your holiday retail preparation and ensure success through early [...]

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Case Study: Sirius Helps Client with a Custom Packaging Website

Distinct Packaging was launched last year to build a direct-to-consumer model that would complement parent company BranchForty LLC’s historical B2B focus. The leadership at BranchForty determined the primary channel for the effort would be a dynamic eCommerce site offering direct ordering of low-volume, customized packaging. With help from the Sirius eCommerce practice, Distinct Packaging’s online [...]

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FiveOut Helps Clients Master eCommerce

You may have seen that Sirius spun off our digital agency, FiveOut, earlier this year. A practice that’s now nine years old, FiveOut is expanding our digital and marketing capabilities, and combined with our technical expertise, lets Sirius offer our clients the best, broadest range of business solutions. Here are a couple of recent success [...]

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