Infographic: Attribution Modeling Approaches

Marketing attribution means identifying a set of user action–events or touchpoints–that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then assigning a value to each of those events. The concept isn’t new, but the methods and tools available have become more powerful. Tracking ROI and determining the KPIs of digital campaigns are key to [...]

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Today’s businesses need to consider the implications of not utilizing digital transformation to improve customer interactions and achieve other business benefits. A successful digital transformation strategy includes reviewing elements such as mobile applications, your eCommerce site, customer data insights, digital branding, and more. Consider these items when evaluating digital agencies: The Agency’s Own Look and [...]

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Micro Cluster Customer Segmentation and Precision Marketing

Are you responsible for a line of business or operations for digital marketing? Do you need to improve the relevancy of campaign offerings and personalize them to your customers? If so, you should check out this informative on-demand webinar discussing the best practices and benefits of customer segmentation, analytics, and precision marketing. By watching this [...]

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