Call Centers vs. Contact Centers: What’s the Difference?

Call centers vs. contact centers—which fits your business best? It’s no secret that the hybrid workplace has forever changed the way we communicate, but many may not realize this shift's impact on the customer journey. Think about your last great customer service experience. Were you able to get answers to your questions promptly? Did you [...]

Optimizing Remote Engagement with Microsoft Teams Voice and Video

According to Gartner, it is estimated that by 2024 in-person meetings will account for just 25% of enterprise meetings—a drop from 60% prior to the pandemic driven by remote work and changing workforce demographics. COVID-19 has shown us all the value of being able to provide a collaborative experience for users no matter where they [...]

Important Changes to Collaboration Products and Software

Read on to learn more about the new Webex Cloud-Connected Unified Collaboration (CCUC) for Cisco UCM software, as well as changes to Unified Communications' perpetual licensing and hybrid calling that may affect your current collaboration systems. Cisco has announced a number of new collaboration features and changes to existing solutions. What do these changes and [...]

3 Important New Compliance Deadlines for Unified Communications Systems

New deadlines related to FCC rulings are coming up soon. These deadlines may require updating your unified communications systems to achieve compliance. Learn more about these rulings and what they mean for your phone systems below. 1. National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act What is it? In an effort to combat rising suicide rates by making [...]

How Cloud-Based Contact Centers Conquer Call Overload

Cloud-based contact center solutions are one of the most effective ways to scale up contact center capacity during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout The approval of COVID-19 vaccines was cause for a lot of celebration—but it has also raised a lot of questions about the logistics of a nationwide vaccine rollout. Across the country, many organizations’ [...]

Best Practices for Better Virtual Meetings

Tips and tricks for virtual meeting platforms like Webex Whether your business has returned to the office, switched over to remote work completely, or utilizes a hybrid approach, virtual meeting platforms like Webex are here to stay. And whether you’re a veteran of virtual meeting platforms, or you’ve just started using them, there a few [...]

How New FCC Regulations May Affect Your VoIP System

The FCC is already requiring all new US phone systems to meet their Enhanced 911 (E911) compliance regulations, and coming up in January, the regulations expand to many existing phone systems. What is Enhanced 911 (E911)? In 2018, Congress enacted legislation concerning 911 calling and reporting for all multiline telephone systems (MLTS), including Voice over [...]

Finding Your Spot on the Remote Work Journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching, profound effects on nearly every segment of the population. According to a new Pew Research Center survey, nearly nine in 10 U.S. adults say their life has changed at least a little as a result of the outbreak, including 44% who say their life has changed in a major [...]

Webex and Digital Collaboration in the Work-From-Home Era

How secure is your remote collaboration tool? For many of us, the way we work has changed immeasurably. Businesses in all industries must now be quick to pivot, determine the best ways to maintain employee productivity, and keep their work moving forward without interruption. While many organizations are adjusting to the reality of a remote [...]

Collaborate Digitally with Microsoft Teams

The workplace used to be a rigid, stuffy place where employees were expected to dress in a uniform or business wear and work at their desk or cubicle from 9 to 5 every day. These strict standards have roots in the Industrial Revolution, when it was crucial for people to work together in assembly [...]

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