Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Many DevOps practitioners are using the conveyor belt analogy when explaining continuous integration and continuous deployment methodologies. However, to implement effectively, developers must fine-tune the deployment methods to ensure a seamless, automated strategy. Compared to a conveyor belt, CI/CD is actually more flexible. Consider a case where a developer needs to change a process to [...]

The Art of the DevOps Possible

Is your organization or team looking to improve business results by applying and adopting a DevOps culture and practices that develop, deliver, and operate software faster and with higher quality? We recently sat down with four of Sirius’ brightest DevOps minds to uncover and break down the complexities and organizational challenges that many of our [...]

Sirius Achieves Distinction with Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recognized Sirius for the achievement of collectively obtaining more than 100 AWS Certifications. The Amazon Partner Network (APN) Certification is an industry-recognized credential that showcases Sirius’ efforts validating more than 100 technical employees as experts in the design, deployment, and operation of applications and infrastructure on AWS. A subsidiary of [...]

What’s Coming in the Year of DevOps

I know it’s a little daunting to be talking about what we’ll be looking back at for the year when we’ve just kicked off 2018, but I think this will be the year to remember for DevOps, as many tools and practices grow out of the “DevOps movement” and become “mainstream” for both the mid-size [...]

Three Goals for DevOps Leaders in 2018

Are you leveraging software development automation like testing and build/release/deploy, or are you doing those things manually? In an article written by Carla Rudder with The Enterprisers Project, IT leaders should be aware of as they take their DevOps efforts into the new year. She outlined five DevOps leadership priorities in 2018. These are my [...]

What Is a DevOps Toolchain?

If you think about it, a toolchain is nothing new. According to Wikipedia, a toolchain is a set of programming tools that are used together to perform a complex software development task. Toolchains are elevating solutions to a new level. Tool vendors are touting their own toolchains. And of course, there are DevOps toolchains—a set [...]

Automation – An Important Part of your Data Center

Today’s data center architectures are becoming more complex and increasingly software-defined, making them increasingly difficult to manage without a strong automation strategy. Agile processes have brought great changes to the supporting application development landscape. Now, we must manage a complete, end-to-end pipeline starting with new coding and faster practices, and then move into new testing [...]

White Paper: How Data Feedback Drives DevOps Success

Many organizations struggle with implementing agile solutions that can respond to change and opportunity as fast as customers demand. The successful ones are focusing their efforts on improving their DevOps strategy through real-time data. According to Splunk’s Driving DevOps Success with Data White Paper, “Without a platform to provide data-driven feedback, DevOps is unlikely to [...]

What’s Next for Containerization?

If you're not familiar with containerization or why it's going to change your world, here is a quick primer: What are containers? According to Dockers definition, a container image is a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package of a piece of software that includes everything needed to run it: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings. [...]