Out Innovate the Competition

In today’s dog-eat-dog digital economy, enterprises have had to adopt an MO of constant innovation. How do you out-innovate the competition? Business transformation is only possible with a high-performance storage and infrastructure solution in place that can handle business-critical workloads. PowerMax has been around a long time. Its performance is trusted. The latest iteration is [...]

My Top 8 Takeaways from Dell EMC World

Eight-thousand people from around the world gathered in Austin, Texas last week to presumably learn how the recent formation of the world’s largest privately held technology company would impact them. They converged on the Austin Convention Center for Dell EMC World, the first major conference since Dell acquired EMC seven weeks ago for $67 billion. [...]

Look for News on the Storage Front at Dell EMC World

As the leader of infrastructure strategy for storage at Sirius, a national IT solutions integrator and a Dell Premier Plus Partner, I will be attending Dell EMC World in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday with heightened interest in news that impacts Sirius clients. Dell EMC World comes on the heels of Dell’s recent acquisition of EMC, [...]

Need Help with VDI? Dell Blueprints Are the Answer

Tom Solomon, Sirius Solution Architect, and Adam Shomaker, Sirius Alliance Manager, take a few minutes to discuss Dell Blueprints developed specifically for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Working together, Dell and Sirius know that all solutions are not created equal, and are never a “one-size-fits-all” fix. Different organizations and industries will have different, specific IT needs. [...]

Sirius Attends Dell World 2015

Dell World is an annual event where business leaders, technologists, developers, designers and channel partners share ideas, stories and best practices that guide and inspire innovative thinking. The overall messaging at the event centered around “Digital Transformation” and “Future Ready.” Dell believes most organizations want to do business with fewer vendors and suppliers, especially as [...]

The Future Is Coming… Are You Ready?

We all know that in today’s world, technology is critical to driving business success. However, many organizations are still operating with a gap in infrastructure and expertise. Most people think that upgrading traditional infrastructures with new technology is too expensive, but they have to give up other benefits such as efficiency in order to avoid [...]

The Workload-defined Converged Infrastructure from Dell

The Dell PowerEdge FX platform has the unique ability to bridge between current infrastructures and future investments without sacrificing cost, capability or confidence. With the PowerEdge FX architecture, Dell offers a revolutionary approach to converged infrastructure for all kinds of enterprise workloads. It’s future-ready IT that fits like a glove today, but has the flexibility [...]

Say Goodbye to Microsoft Windows Server 2003

The time to migrate away from Windows Server 2003 is running out. On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will discontinue support of this older operating system. If you have older servers that are still running Windows Server 2003, it’s time to think about migrating to newer, more efficient servers. Take this opportunity to migrate your IT [...]

What Did We Learn at Dell World?

Earlier this month at Dell’s annual Dell World partner and client event in Austin, business leaders, technologists, developers, designers and channel partners shared the kinds of ideas, stories and best practices that continue to guide and inspire innovative thinking in the Dell community. The presentations at the event focused on Dell’s commitment to their clients [...]