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A Crash Course in Securing Data

The key to defining data protection for your business is understanding the type of data you collect and knowing how you store and manage it. By classifying your data, you can gain a thorough understanding of your business needs and data protection goals, which will make it easier for you to build a data protection [...]

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Data Protection 101

Data protection is critical to keeping your assets safe in both physical and virtual environments. But, in an ever-evolving digital environment, businesses are finding that they must constantly reassess their data protection strategies in order to keep pace with the changing IT landscape. How Do I Define Data Protection for My Business? Let’s start with [...]

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Building a Multi-Cloud Data Management Strategy

A multi-cloud strategy refers to how you might deploy and/or manage several cloud services and platforms based on your particular business and technology needs. Typically, it also means having multiple vendors in your cloud environment, which has innate complexities. It’s important to consider your business needs and your vendor options carefully so that you can [...]

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The GDPR Deadline Is Here: Are You Ready?

For many organizations, building and operating a cutting edge data protection program hasn’t been a top priority. The GDPR is ushering in a new era of accountability, in which every regulated organization that collects, stores and uses sensitive customer data needs to raise the bar to meet new standards. Are you GDPR compliant? Penalties for [...]

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Infographic: Rule the Court With an All-Star Cloud Solution

With the explosive growth of the public cloud, more organizations are trying to bring the same benefits to their on-premise architecture. To make the most of the cloud, you need an on-premise infrastructure that accommodates both traditional enterprise applications and cloud technologies, along with the ability to back-up, restore, manage and protect all data across [...]

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Six Questions to Ask About Your ‘Integrated’ Data Protection Solution

Basic chocolate chip cookies have 6 ingredients:  Butter, sugar, egg, flour, chocolate and salt. If any one of these ingredients is out of balance, the cookies will fall apart or taste terrible. Each component has to be in balance or it’s simply not a chocolate chip cookie. Choosing a data protection solution is similar. Decisions [...]

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Advanced Data Protection Made Simple

Organizations are continually being challenged to manage the cost, complexity and capabilities of their backup systems with the collection, processing and storage of more information than ever before. Stringent compliance demands, growing backup infrastructure complexity and flat IT budgets are increasing demands on backup administrators and the solutions that they utilize to provide rapid access [...]

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