Holiday Strategy for Ransomware Recovery

What better time to strike than over the holidays, when employees are enjoying extra days off? With the holidays upon us, employees are looking forward to spending time with families and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays can also bring an increased risk of data breaches. Cybercriminals frequently strike during holidays when IT staff are likely to [...]

Score the Best Data Protection Solution for Your Organization

Every year companies invest resources on data collection, and employees spend countless hours mulling over that data to make informed business decisions like how to market to their target audience or where to expand the business. But how much time do they spend thinking about the best data protection solution for their organization? Will just any [...]

5 Need-to-Know Tips for Selecting a Vendor for Your Data

Vendor selection is no easy feat, especially when choosing the right vendor for one of the most important parts of your business—your data. Why? The amount of data businesses store is not stagnant. Your data is always changing, business needs are constantly evolving, and the number and type of threats to your data are growing [...]

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