Sirius Thinking Webinar: IT Transformation Made Possible with Web-Scale Converged Infrastructure

In our previous “Sirius Thinking” webinar, Steve Dowling shares how enterprise IT can benefit by implementing the architectural models of hyper-scale companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.  The webinar tackled the key components of a software-led infrastructure and provided insight on why traditional converged solutions are falling short; what separates enterprise converged solutions in today's market; [...]

IT to Business Alignment

The greatest problem with aligning Information Technology to business is complexity. Businesses are already complex systems of people, processes and technology, but the best-known models for organizing them to improve alignment are themselves complex and labor-intensive, adding to the problem while attempting to resolve it. The most popular model for organizing business logic and resources [...]

Sirius White Paper: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Data Management

As organizations look for opportunities for simplification, scalability and cost reduction in their virtualized infrastructures, the vendor community has responded with hyper‐converged infrastructures that relieve them of the burdens of design and integration. Nutanix has established itself as one of the visionary leaders in hyper‐converged and Web‐scale infrastructure, providing a scalable architecture that integrates the [...]

Intelligent Data Center Transformation

IT professionals worldwide and across all types of industries are finding that it’s time to remove existing silos in the data center and evolve toward a software-defined, business-centric converged architecture. Converged infrastructure provides attractive options for improving the efficiency of existing data centers and for retaining workloads on-premise, benefits of converged infrastructure include: Increased resource [...]

HP ConvergedSystem + SAP HANA: The Next Generation in Data Management Platforms

HP has expanded its HP ConvergedSystem portfolio for SAP HANA, delivering the largest SAP-certified solution for SAP HANA platform-based workloads. The new HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA is a scalable system that will allow you to manage and analyze extremely large and diverse data sets from a single system, to facilitate real-time business decisions. [...]

Forrester Study: Converging SAP Landscapes on Vblock Systems

In July 2013, VCE commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment that enterprises can realize by replatforming SAP on factory-integrated VCE Vblock Systems. The purpose of the study was to provide readers with a framework for evaluating the potential financial impact on their organization through [...]

Building a Business Case for Private Cloud Infrastructure

IT professionals worldwide and across all types of industries are finding that it’s time to remove existing silos in the data center and evolve toward a software-defined, business-centric converged architecture. Beginning the journey toward a more intelligent, converged infrastructure requires careful planning and the right approach. Sirius brings a 35-year history in supporting both legacy [...]

Solution Experts Series: Converged Infrastructure

In our business, people make all the difference. Sirius personnel hold over 4,600 technology and professional certifications. Our product specialists and consultants have decades of combined experience implementing technology solutions for clients, and using proven methodologies and best practices across a wide variety of leading technology products. This unrelenting focus ensures that our professionals know [...]

Key Ways Converged Infrastructure Can Change Your Environment

Looking for a fresh approach for an IT environment? One that will lower costs, increase speed and align IT with business objectives? Then ditch the silos. The traditional IT operation model, in which specific IT resources are deployed for particular tasks or applications in a silo-like manner, is fast becoming an outdated way of management. [...]

Harnessing Cloud Computing: Opportunities and Challenges

The term "cloud computing" is a well worn phrase by now, but what does it really mean when it comes to your IT environment? What challenges should you prepare for, and how far-reaching are the benefits? Let's begin with some definition. This is cloud computing According to a recent article in InfoWorld, the meaning of [...]