Operation HX: Managing Your Complicated Data

Your organization depends on smart technology to power operational efficiency and keep your business applications up and running. Don’t let your data center be compromised by complexity and capacity pitfalls. Sirius partners, Lenovo and Nutanix have teamed up to further simplify IT, accelerating time-to-value with the Lenovo Converged HX Series. Sirius is a national leader [...]

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Infographic: How to Thrive in the IT Modernization Jungle!

Sirius, a Dell EMC Titanium Partner and national integrator of technology-based business solutions, is the perfect guide to help you navigate through the data center modernization jungle. Our dedicated storage team has 800 combined Dell EMC certifications. What’s more this year, Dell EMC awarded Sirius its Partner Services Quality Award for the ninth consecutive year.  [...]

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Digital Promotion: The Hyperconverged Infrastructure All-Star Rules the IT Court!

Virtualization of x86 servers was the first major enterprise IT innovation to appear on 21st-century courts. They delivered dramatic initial savings, tangible ROI, massive operational efficiencies, and a solid jump shot. Today, virtualization is utilized by most data center teams, but it creates its own set of challenges such as virtual machine sprawl, massive data [...]

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White Paper: Converged Infrastructure, Data Management and the Cloud

Sirius’ top architects and engineers have collaborated to produce a new Sirius white paper that walks you through the process of backup and recovery in the cloud with Nutanix, Commvault, and Amazon Web Services. The Executive Summary follows: In this world of rapid technological advancement and tremendous data growth, IT organizations are challenged to bring [...]

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Can You Really Have Infrastructure That Just Works?

One of the largest initiatives that our clients are undertaking is the virtualization of their entire environment. They need a virtual infrastructure that is agile enough to easily grow and expand with their business, while providing enterprise-class performance and reliability. This is where converged and hyperconverged infrastructures come in. While hyperconverged environments help to address [...]

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Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure Right for Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy?

Over the past few years, as the term cloud has permeated every information technology company’s messaging and embedded itself within the IT lexicon, I find myself cringing every time I see this word. Aside from being the most overused marketing term in the industry today it can also be quite vague. What is cloud anyway? Simply put, [...]

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Reduce Data Center Costs and Complexity with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

With tangible ROI and massive operational efficiencies, server virtualization of the x86 platform was the first major enterprise IT innovation of the 21st century. Today, virtualization is ubiquitous in most data centers, as the initial savings were dramatically compelling. Unfortunately, yesterday’s solutions are creating cost challenges in today’s advanced environments. Many of those who embraced [...]

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IBM, Cisco Announce VersaStack Converged Infrastructure Solution

Data center owners are increasingly moving away from traditional siloed environments. The past few years have seen the emergence of converged infrastructure in which the full stack of data center technologies is combined into pre-engineered, tested and supported systems designed to operate as a whole. The underlying reasons for this trend are three critical imperatives: [...]

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Free Your Virtual Desktops from the High Costs of SAN

In a traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment, one of the biggest costs is storage. In the past, the storage infrastructure required to meet the needs of a demanding, real-world VDI could quickly outprice any VDI solution, especially when compared to the falling cost of desktops and laptops. This brings the need for a solution [...]

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Sirius Thinking Webinar: IT Transformation Made Possible with Web-Scale Converged Infrastructure

In our previous “Sirius Thinking” webinar, Steve Dowling shares how enterprise IT can benefit by implementing the architectural models of hyper-scale companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.  The webinar tackled the key components of a software-led infrastructure and provided insight on why traditional converged solutions are falling short; what separates enterprise converged solutions in today's market; [...]

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