Sirius Receives Award at 2016 Cisco Partner Summit

Earlier this month at Cisco’s Annual Partner Summit in San Francisco, California, Sirius was named the “Break Away Partner of the Year.” Sirius was recognized for innovative practices, leadership and outcome-focused programs as a Cisco business partner, specifically with Sirius’ Software-Defined Networking Innovation Center (SDxIC).  Located in Overland Park, Kansas, the center is staffed by [...]

Defending Your Data Center is an Inside Job

Firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention platforms are all strategies capable of protecting organizations from data center security threats; but, what happens when the threat comes from the inside? Perimeter-based security is not the only tactic organizations should be privy to, especially when a great deal the traffic within data centers works laterally. Traditional data center [...]

Sirius Wins at 2016 Cisco Partner Summit!

At Cisco’s twentieth annual Partner Summit, Cisco leaders shared the company’s latest technology vision, strategy and innovations. Cisco also announced its new Digital Network Architecture, an open and extensible, software-driven architecture that will help clients simply and quickly transition to a digital network enterprise. There was exciting news at Summit for Sirius as well! As [...]

Software-Defined Storage Is Awesome… If It Runs on Great Hardware!

It seems like everything is software-defined these days. You have software-defined networks, software-defined storage, and software-defined data centers. When did hardware get such a bad rap? After all, no matter what magic your software can do, it still requires hardware in order to run. I realize that what is really meant by software-defined is that [...]

Cisco Awards Sirius Territory Partner of the Quarter

Sirius was  named the Territory Partner of the Quarter for Cisco’s fiscal Q1 in the Carolinas area. For the period running August to October, Sirius had year-over-year growth of 64 percent across all Cisco business, and numerous wins that Cisco felt deserved to be highlighted. This award is voted on by the Cisco team and [...]

VIDEO: Sirius’ SDN Integration Center

You may have seen that the Sirius Networking team recently unveiled the brand-new Sirius SDN (software-defined networking) Integration Center in Overland Park, Kansas. This new lab provides our clients with a real-world experience showing why and how to migrate from their current environment to an SDN/ACI/NSX enabled data center. Watch our latest video to get [...]

Grand Opening of Sirius SDN Integration Center!

The Sirius Networking team recently unveiled the brand-new Sirius SDN (software-defined networking) Integration Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Representing an investment of over a million dollars, the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI)-enabled data center is providing Sirius clients with a real-world experience that shows why and how to migrate from their current environment to [...]

What Is UCSO?

The IT world is rapidly changing as open-source software drives further innovation in cloud solutions. To keep up with these transformations your business needs solutions that are designed for faster delivery of applications and services. Sirius partners Cisco and Red Hat have teamed up to develop the Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise [...]

Is It Time to Free Your Organization from Network Operations?

Is your organization struggling from a lack of in-house talent to plan, operate and troubleshoot network platforms for voice, data and security? Are you concerned about service disruptions or unpredictable costs? Do you find in-house staff burdened with day-to-day operations and/or unable to use new technologies to optimize and proactively manage your network? If you [...]