[New Sirius Report] Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey 2018

In 2017, nearly half of the ransomware attacks targeted healthcare organizations. Last year, the biggest healthcare data breaches came as the result of weaponized ransomware, misconfigured cloud storage buckets and, most notably, phishing emails. What does this mean for your healthcare organization? You’ll need to examine your current IT strategy in order to incorporate a [...]

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How to Protect Your Organization with Business Continuity Solutions

Is your organization prepared for a bad day? A catastrophic, business-interrupting event can impact customer confidence, lead to expensive litigation, and even result in business closure. Business continuity is about ensuring the resilience and protection of the entire organization. It keeps the business running so it can continue to provide services to vendors, suppliers, customers [...]

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Free Report: 9 Steps to Continuity Success for Financial Services

Financial Services: 9 Steps to Continuity Success, a Channel Partners Toolbox report issued this month, provides insights on how financial services firms can ensure a successful business continuity strategy. Business continuity covers not just your systems, but also data, facilities, infrastructure, communications -- and most importantly, your people. A successful business continuity plan helps companies [...]

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Sirius Emergency Preparedness Workshop Shows You the Whole Business Continuity Picture

Business continuity programs need clear executive ownership, a defined scope, stated objectives, risk analysis, and business impact analysis to fully protect your business. The Sirius Emergency Preparedness Workshop is designed to provide business continuity program-development education to executives and project leaders who will be responsible for driving the organization’s business continuity and IT disaster recovery [...]

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The Three-Legged Stool of Emergency Preparedness

Business continuity is not about creating a sense of insurance, but rather to mitigate the risk of catastrophic downtime that may result from any number of possible disaster incidents. As such, it is important to recognize that business continuity is one component of an organization’s overall risk management strategy for emergency/crisis preparedness. Emergency preparedness consists [...]

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