Multi-Modal Data: Data Warehousing Isn’t What It Used to Be – Part One

Data warehousing used to be simple. If you wanted to stockpile and organize your data for analytics purposes, you spun up an extra database instance of whatever database platform your organization standardized on, connected your ETL tool of choice, modeled the data, wrote a few ETL routines, and set up regular refreshes. Today, things have [...]

Setting Priorities: 5 Key Components for a Successful Big Data Strategy

We can all agree that big data can be overwhelming, especially if it’s not organized and managed efficiently. But, why is structured data important? How does it help your organization’s various lines of business? These are questions we hear every day. The big data revolution is here; and it’s imperative for organizations to develop a [...]

Brightlight Strategy Services Ensure Success of Your Business Analytics Efforts

  Successful business analytics (BA) requires a well thought-out strategy that’s practical, clear, tailored to your needs and rooted in proven best practices. Brightlight Business Analytics, a division of Sirius Computer Solutions, is uniquely qualified to champion the goals of your business and the needs of diverse stakeholders across your organization to help you define, [...]