Four Ways APIs Drive Digital Business

Imagine an enterprise-grade framework for connecting your applications to each other and to the outside world, one that is less fragile and more able to leverage your existing resources in new ways. According to The Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, “APIs create business agility that fosters the rapid business reconfiguration necessary to continually adapt to [...]

Sirius White Paper: IBM i, the Cloud, and the IoT

The headlines we see in email blasts, newsletters and trade journals rarely tout the latest advances in RPG and COBOL language features. Cloud services and APIs are the buzzwords that are currently grabbing the attention of business and IT leaders. These are also touted as up-and-coming skills that every new programmer should be learning if [...]

Roadmap to an Automated Data Center

If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth automating. True automated management solves some of the largest problems facing IT administrators today by removing the complexities associated with data growth, resource allocation and control, programmatic and repeatable results. But, is automation worth the investment? Well, 82% of enterprises use automation and 50% have fewer deployment failures [...]

What to Consider Before Launching Your API Strategy

There are numerous benefits to having an API (application program interface) strategy. Launching APIs can help businesses expose data that they wish to make available to the outside world or to select business partners. APIs can be used to rapidly construct applications, and can provide a powerful means to market a company’s product and to [...]

APIs: The Secret Sauce behind Cloud, Mobile and Social

Cloud, Mobile and Social (CM&S) are the new engagement models. One thing to carefully consider is the word “models” here; it's important to realize the importance and clearly understand that no reference architecture or digital transformation strategy would be complete without encompassing the CM&S engagement models. For example, some of the most popular applications today, [...]

Accelerate Web API Effort with a Readiness Workshop

According to IT research firm Gartner, Inc., 50 percent of all business-to-business collaboration will take place through Web APIs by 2017. Is your organization ready and able to successfully embrace an API journey? Does it have the maturity to envision and embark into the API economy? In our half-day API Readiness Workshop, you will work [...]