Adobe Lauds Sirius’ FiveOut for America First Credit Union Digital Marketing Transformation

America First Credit Union (AFCU), one of the largest credit unions in the nation, needed to update its marketing software, which was making it increasingly difficult for its digital marketing team to do its job at the highest levels of excellence. With the guidance of FiveOut, a Sirius agency and an Adobe Business Solution Partner, AFCU’s Digital [...]

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Personalization for the Win

Today’s marketers face many challenges. Disperse marketing channels, siloed data, loud noise, and limited budgets are just a few. Yet, the pressure is on for traffic and lead generation. How are you effectively executing your marketing campaigns? Personalized marketing is a true one-to-one marketing practice, by which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology, to deliver [...]

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Infographic: Attribution Modeling Approaches

Marketing attribution means identifying a set of user action–events or touchpoints–that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then assigning a value to each of those events. The concept isn’t new, but the methods and tools available have become more powerful. Tracking ROI and determining the KPIs of digital campaigns are key to [...]

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What’s a Headless Content Management System?

As we all know, there is more than one approach to a successful content management system (CMS). There’s a trending term called “headless CMS.” What does it mean? A headless CMS allows you to manage and reuse digital content from a single repository and publish to the Web, mobile apps, and single-page applications. But there [...]

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An Introduction to Connected Marketing Challenges

Devices, devices, devices! The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how people interact with each other and brands. Within this transformation everything is shifting to the connected channel. The connected channel is concerned with the experiences and interactions of all users, on all connected devices, in real time. The connected channel is the marketing channel [...]

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Recorded Webinar: Adobe Analytics and Mobile

Watch our on-demand webcast explaining the many benefits of using Adobe Analytics in your mobile application. Learn how Adobe Analytics enables companies to tell the story of what’s happening in their business by leveraging data gleaned from high-performance, real-time analytics within your mobile applications. Your team will be able to identify what works and what [...]

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7 Steps to Setting Up an AEM Project on Maven

Looking for a simple way to easily manage your marketing content and assets? Consider Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for a smooth experience. AEM is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms, and makes it easy to deliver digital experiences. With AEM your company can: Build brand loyalty with your customer [...]

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