Patient Room ‘Next’ & Smart Spaces

Sirius defines Patient Room ‘Next’ as any space where the patient is treated, be that at home, in a hospital room, or even in a parking lot, where advanced healthcare technologies enable better workflows, better treatment and better patient and business outcomes.

Similarly, Smart Spaces utilize a combination of video, IoT, analytics and AI to deliver insights to machines, buildings and people. These insights have the power to transform business operations, enable organizations to be more effective, and even improve quality of life and patient care.

Patient Room ‘Next’ (PRN)

We don’t just help strengthen the foundation and optimize technologies to support care in the present; we go above and beyond with thought leadership around design solutions for the future.

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Patient Engagement

From real-time wayfinding technologies to smart audio and video communication, patient engagement technologies facilitate visual interaction between the patients and clinicians, and even between patients and their families.

Smart Monitoring

Smart sensors provide situational awareness and compliant medical surveillance about patient environment and wellbeing.

Touchless Care

Virtual and remote care technologies provide low touch high-quality care with touchless patient data collection and documentation.

Internet of Things (IoT/IoMT)

Stay ahead of the competition by building out an IoT solution that will give you better insights into your customers, business process optimization, and more.

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Thermal Imaging

Non-invasively screen workers, customers or visitors for elevated body temperatures to ensure workplace safety.

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