Data Center Strategy

Find the right solution you need to help you improve quality of care, protect healthcare information, instill data governance, and ensure service availability.

InterSystems IRIS Upgrade

Know your options before upgrading. We can help you navigate this opportunity to optimize and modernize your EHR platform.

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User Experience Fabric

Meet healthcare consumers’ needs and expectations in today’s digital world with a scalable framework that weaves user experience together with business outcomes, fortified with security.

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Hybrid Cloud Healthcare DR

Ensure data consistency as well as regulatory compliance around data protection, disaster recovery (DR), and availability of critical patient data.

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IT Operations

Keep patients healthy and safe, ensure a superb patient and clinician experience, reduce superfluous cost, and grow the business. How? By ensuring your IT infrastructure, technologies and strategies are designed and optimized to help you meet your organizational goals and do just that.

Healthcare Executive Essentials

Designed to help you better understand your current state of technology investment, surface any gaps that may exist, and ensure your IT investment supports your business initiatives and objectives.

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Managed Services Strategy

Move faster by increasing and focusing productivity of your staff, accelerating cloud adoption, and ensuring you are continuously compliant and secure.

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Clinical Care Continuity

Pivot to the high availability and resiliency that your critical applications require to ensure continuity to care services and operations, now and into the future.

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IT Support/Ops Optimization

Full program consulting, software, infrastructure and operations solutions and services from the experts at Sirius to streamline processes, improve IT service availability, and support the changing needs of your organization.


Align your security initiatives to business strategies while optimizing security spend, and balancing transformation, growth and security risk. Our healthcare security solutions and services encompass the fundamental elements of effective security with proactive strategies that focus on the assets that need protection with an eye to clinical operations.

Healthcare Security Governance Workshop

Build the framework for a successful security program unique to your organization, with guidance on security best practices, cost and performance measures.

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Identity Access Management

From identity governance to privilege access management, our experts can help your organization design the solution that best fits your needs.

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Ransomware Vulnerability and Assessment

Is your organization prepared to protect against and withstand an attack? How quickly can you recover in the event an attack succeeds?

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Endpoint for Healthcare

Gain visibility into all endpoints (including IoT devices). Block attacks up front, identify threats that bypass prevention, and automate for efficiency.

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