Improve quality of care, control costs and ensure compliance with complete solutions from Sirius

Sirius understands that today’s healthcare organizations face many challenges managing their IT environment while dealing with rapid industry changes. Whether you’re challenged by government regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, Meaningful Use or ICD-10, the change from “fee-for-service” to “fee-for-value,” the medical and consumer data flood, or just overall cost pressures, Sirius has a solution to help.

Unparalleled expertise regardless of where you are in the technology life cycle

Sirius’ dedicated Healthcare Solutions practice provides an agnostic approach to addressing the unique challenges facing clients in the healthcare industry such as:

  • Business Intelligence and Insights
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Technology Platform Infrastructures
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization and Managed Services
  • Line of Business Solutions
  • Security Strategies and Solutions

Why Sirius for Healthcare? At every step of the healthcare continuum, and throughout the entire technology life cycle, Sirius provides best-of-breed multivendor technology solutions that help healthcare organizations improve quality of care, control costs, enhance security, comply with regulations and extend reach to communities.

There’s plenty of technology out there, and plenty of projects competing for your organization’s time and money. Sirius can help you manage them efficiently and cost-effectively throughout the entire application and/or technology life cycle.

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The MemorialCare Technology and Training Center Powered by Sirius

Our experts can help you achieve healthcare IT innovation with our new state-of-the-art technology lab, MemorialCare Technology and Training Center Powered by Sirius (MTC). Located in Orange County, CA, the MTC was created with the vision to use technology as an accelerant to improve patient care, patient outcomes and organizational efficiencies. Clients will have the opportunity to experiment and train on the Center’s fully populated technology platform installations and more.

At every step of the healthcare continuum, and throughout the entire technology life cycle, Sirius provides best-of-breed multivendor technology solutions that help healthcare organizations improve quality of care, control costs, enhance security, comply with regulations, and extend reach to communities.

Talk to our healthcare experts about booking the MTC.

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Sirius is a proud member of The CHIME Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to thought leadership in the healthcare industry.

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Sirius’ Healthcare Solution Areas of Focus

Technology Platform Infrastructures: We offer services for technology platform implementations including reference architectures, infrastructure technologies, disaster recovery planning and solutions, availability options, security assessments, and flexible capacity models.

Security Consulting and Solutions: Sirius offers a range of security options including assessments and tools to help meet the demanding requirements in healthcare. Sirius’ Healthcare HIPAA/HITECH/MU Security Risk Assessment comprises three essential components including a HIPAA/HITECH Gap Assessment, ePHI Data Flow Analysis and Technical Security Evaluation, and provides a detailed findings report, an executive summary, and on-site presentation of key findings.

Application and Technology Life Cycle Management: Sirius has capabilities at all stages of the application and technology life cycle. Sirius offers a variety of hardware and software solutions from today’s leading providers. Additionally, Sirius has capabilities to do pre-project planning, architecture design, architecture governance and overall project management.

Mobility: Unlike boutique mobility solution providers that focus only on app development or customization and the user interface/user experience (UI/UX) Sirius’ consultants have extensive experience “below the surface,” with the infrastructure – including networking, servers, storage and management – that is essential to your project’s success. Sirius also offers strategic mobile healthcare solutions for technology platform access, analytics and patient engagement.

Analytics & Reporting: Healthcare organizations are gathering more patient data than ever before, and with the coming wave of wearable devices and the Internet of Things, that data is poised to grow exponentially. Without powerful tools to analyze it and present it in a meaningful way, your providers risk missing trends and warning signs, which could hinder appropriate diagnoses or responsive care.

Remote Care: Telehealth and telemedicine are allowing not just delivery of quality care to remote locations, but also a cost-effective way for providers to expand their networks into underserved areas. Sirius can help you architect and implement the tools and infrastructure necessary to provide quality remote care to patients regardless of location.

Clinical Applications and Medical Devices: Sirius has formed strategic relationships with clinical application and medical device providers, allowing us to offer complete healthcare solutions. These strategic relationships include emerging areas that allow healthcare organizations to improve patient care while containing overall costs and maximizing the value and impact of your technology investment.

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