IT Services for Business

Empowering your IT to run like a business so you can offer the best possible service and experiences to your customers.

What are IT Service Management solutions anyway?

IT Service Management (ITSM) includes all the activities your business performs to plan, deliver, operate and control the IT services you offer customers, so IT can run like a business would. We help clients streamline their processes, improve IT service availability, and give them the ability to support the changing needs of their business. Sirius offers services and solutions for every aspect of the IT service life cycle and the IT stack.

Assess your situation

Utilizing a maturity model framework, Sirius can perform an ITSM Process Assessment for your business. Our experts will review various aspects of your organization including roles, skills, processes and integration, maintenance, tools and more.

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The Sirius ITSM Program

Sirius provides a full ITSM program to help clients reach their best possible level of service and success.

Streamline your infrastructure footprint and consolidate your IT infrastructure to improve efficiency, reduce complexity, and more. Sirius Infrastructure Solutions offerings include:

  • Storage (assessment and optimization, backup/recover efficiency assessment, implementation and integration services, data migration services, etc.)
  • Converged Infrastructure (server consolidated/optimization assessment, server health check, backup/recover assessment, etc.)

Improve your business operations while reducing risk. Our Operations Services offerings include:

  • Managed Services
  • Facilities
  • Managed (Analytics) Application Support Services

If your IT service performance isn’t up to par, your organization finds audits challenging, or if you are noticing higher IT costs and many manual processes, the Sirius team can help.

Your business will benefit from reduced costs, improved service availability and processes, better alignment between IT and your entire business, more support, reduced risks and more. ITSM Consulting Services program offerings cover:

  • IT Strategy and Optimization (maturity assessments, outsourcing, roadmap development, etc.)
  • ITSM Automation and IT Architecture (tool selection, implementation planning, automation and orchestration, service catalog development, etc.)
  • Security Consulting (strategic security assessments, incident response services, etc.)
  • Mobility Assessment and Design (review, strategy and planning, etc.)
  • Analytics (technology agnostic data architecture, modeling and integration, data quality, etc.)

Your business will benefit from automated tasks, reduced costs and risks, optimized data placement and management, high-performance availability and more. ITSM Software Solutions program offerings cover:

  • ITSM Tool Deployment (configuration, customization, integration, configuration management, automation, etc.)
  • Analytics and Security (technology agnostic data architecture, mining and advanced analytics, data governance, systems management and patching, security incident event management, etc.)
  • Software Storage (provisioning and orchestration, storage infrastructure, APIs and interfaces, data management, etc.)
  • Converged Infrastructure (VDI assessment and design, health check assessment, etc.)
  • Cloud (public cloud, hosted exchange, security and compliance, etc.)
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