Are you leveraging the IoT to enhance your customer experience, improve workplace safety or reduce overhead costs?

The Internet of Things is an ecosystem of sensors, actuators, smart controllers, software and data center infrastructure that senses, thinks and acts. When used together, IoT can help businesses ensure workplace safety, achieve business goals, drive innovation within healthcare practices and even and open doors to new revenue streams.

Building a Smarter Business

With IoT, businesses are evolving into nimble organizations by integrating operational technology with information technology to create new, more efficient and more effective business processes. The use cases for IoT are vast and beyond imagination.

Sirius offers a variety of consulting and integration services to help you create a solid IoT strategy that addresses your biggest challenges. Our team of experts will provide you with a core structure for IoT that includes advanced analytics, sensor integration, storage, edge computing, network, security, data aggregation and more. We can help you stay ahead of your competition with better insight about your customers, process optimization, marketing automation, supply chain efficiency, instantaneous control and response, and so much more.

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Sirius’ IoT Offerings

Sirius solution experts work closely with clients to assess their business goals and the problems they’re trying to solve. Sirius provides a full-service IoT program comprising planning, software integration, infrastructure integration, monitoring and sensor development.

Our IoT Services practice can help you with:

  • “Back to Work” Strategies: Empower businesses with actionable insights from tools like elevated temperature detection, people counting, contact tracing and access control integration.
  • Planning and consulting: In a Sirius IoT Transformation Workshop, Sirius consultants will perform a gap analysis of your infrastructure, build an IoT business integration plan and develop a custom roadmap.
  • Software development: These solution services focus on integrating software (big data, analytics, IoT Platforms, external data sources, etc.) with your IoT architecture.
  • Infrastructure integration: Sirius provides services to help clients integrate their infrastructure (network, storage, etc.) with an IoT solution.
  • Managing and monitoring: Sirius provides solutions around managing software product quality and security, automation of routine tasks, and integration of software tools enabling improved data flow. These solutions or services are typically used to manage or maintain the IoT solution, and can include platforms, security, cloud, and managed services.
  • Sensor integration: Sirius can help you integrate sensors – the eyes and ears of your data insight – that measure parameters such as temperature and humidity, and detect vibration, movement, weight, and more.

Learn more about our IoT Transformation Workshop designed to help you evaluate your foundational infrastructure to determine if any technical components should be retired, evolved or added before implementing an IoT technology initiative.

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White Paper: Securing the New, “Smart” Normal

IoT technology now plays a key role in workplace safety. However, this technology is typically integrated with systems like access control platforms, posing a number of security challenges. How can you be sure that your new, “smart” devices or areas are secure? And which devices are most at risk?

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IoT Solutions for Your Industry

IoT is expanding to all industry types. Sirius offers tailored IoT solutions for your business. Industry examples include:

  • Healthcare: Monitor patients, improve drug management and inventory, enhance patient experience, advance treatment outcomes, and automate workflows
  • Manufacturing: Predict machine failures, automate processes, reduce waste, improve production asset management, and optimize efficiencies
  • Oil and Gas: Predict drilling mishaps and avoid costly downtime, improve supply chain management, and enhance maintenance operations
  • Retail: Improve in-store customer experience, streamline operations, and implement intelligent merchandising
  • Insurance: Pre-empt the impacts and claims that may result from events such as bad weather, health issues, water leaks and auto accidents
  • Transportation: Provide real-time delivery updates for customers, traffic updates and recommended routes for drivers, and inventory tracking for data, equipment and vehicles
  • Building Management: Monitor, maintain and manage a building’s mechanical, electrical and electromechanical functions
  • City and Government: Collect and analyze data from connected sensors, lights and meters
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