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Texas DIR – Software Solutions from Sirius2021-04-16T14:36:37-05:00

DIRlogo-whtSirius offers Software Products and Related Services plus Software as a Service to government agencies in Texas under the Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR) contracts.

Sirius DIR Contracts:

  • DIR-TSO-3680 for Software, Including Software Products and Related Services plus Software as a Service

Warranty Policy: Software warranties are defined and governed by the individual original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and/or software licensors (Licensors).

Warranty Policy: Sirius warrants that Sirius will perform Services in a professional manner and in accordance with the description in the applicable SOW in all material respects.

Return Policy: All returns shall be subject to the policies and procedures of the applicable OEM and/or Licensor, including, but not limited to, approval/rejection of returns; cancellation/restocking fees; packaging/shipping requirements, etc.

Product EULA: It is the Customer’s responsibility to read the applicable Shrink/Click-wrap License Agreement with the licensors below and determine if the Customer accepts the license terms as amended by this Contract. If the Customer does not agree with the license terms, Customer shall be responsible for negotiating with the reseller to obtain additional changes in the Shrink/Click-wrap License Agreement language from the software publisher.

VPAT: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® is a table containing information regarding how an information and communications technology product or service conforms with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

DIR Cooperative Contracts Program
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Instructions to obtain quotes and placing Purchase Orders can be provided by Phyllis (PJ) Byrd at phyllis.byrd@siriuscom.com or 210-369-0617.