A true, one-stop-shop for financing your IT solutions

Sirius Financial Services is Sirius’ financing subsidiary, which provides custom financing solutions to clients acquiring IT hardware, software, services and maintenance. We also help clients consume technology in the manner most appropriate for their business and based on their specific business challenges or requirements.

Sirius financing offerings include:

Traditional Plans

  • Installment payment plans
  • Software- and SaaS-only financing
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) leases
  • Legacy IT consumption pattern financing

New Payment Plans

  • Multiyear maintenance & software financing aligned with subscription realities
  • Financing as low as 0%
  • Embedded terms payment plans
  • Consumption-based “as a Service” plans for client-defined IT stack

Partner Programs

  • Long-term relationships with all captive OEMs
  • Strong independent financing relationships with multiple funding sources

SFS Capabilities

  • Full-service solution provider
  • Sirius-branded contracting, billing, collecting capabilities
  • Equipment refresh, takeout, remarketing services
  • Experienced SFS sales team that can advise clients on best financing alternatives
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Your consumption model should be as flexible as your IT model

The way we consume IT is changing, with new models like off-premise, cloud, SaaS-based and mobile-ready. So doesn’t it make sense that the way you pay for it should be just as flexible?

The Sirius VariFlex Consumption Program enables you to acquire and implement technology when it is needed, rather than in the next budget cycle, so you can realize tangible business benefits immediately. We can combine infrastructure and managed services into a customized package with a single monthly bill. And we give you peace of mind in predicting your expenses.

For more information about the Sirius VariFlex Consumption Program, or any other financial offerings available through Sirius, speak with your Sirius representative, or contact us at 800-460-1237.

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Factors to consider when choosing a financial solution provider

Sirius offers the best financing options, combined with more than 30 years of financing solution expertise. However, there’s more to look for when considering a financial solution provider for your IT acquisitions — and that’s where Sirius and our key vendor partnerships come in.

Knowledge: Your lessor must have specific knowledge about IT financing.

Convenience: Your lessor should provide a single financing solution for all your specific needs, whether they include hardware, software, services or maintenance, from one source or many.

Competitiveness: Your lessor should offer flexible financing terms and conditions, and individually tailored contracts.

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