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Gain better insight, interaction and understanding.

Every organization has a variety of business objectives that tend to be separated by unique business drivers, digital strategies and operational objectives. Without a unified strategy or program, this can often lead disparate tools, processes and silos of information across the corporate enterprise.

Digital transformation, cloud, SaaS applications and mobile devices are driving new points of interaction and data outside this traditional enterprise, further challenging organizations’ ability to manage and govern business content. This trend is leading organizations to realize the need for better understanding of their content, what’s sensitive vs. what’s not, and what needs to be protected.

Content anywhere, managed and understood

Solving this challenge requires a fresh approach that goes beyond a single platform or technology, to encompass a holistic view the “New Enterprise.” You need a methodology that redefines the concept of enterprise content management and the role of governance.

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a combination of processes and technologies that help turn data into business information. It collects and organizes data and content to make it easily accessible to the people who need it, when it’s needed and while it’s still relevant. A solid, comprehensive content management strategy drives productivity and efficiency across lines of business as well as operations.

Information governance drives compliance of corporate and regulatory policy, and ensures that information is stored securely, retained properly, and managed through well defined procedures. These policies help establish systematic, consistent and auditable processes that become the foundation for sound corporate policies, a key element of any effective content and records management program.



Sirius ECM and governance solution areas

Sirius consultants bring experience and best practices to help clients develop an effective ECM program that can help organizations develop a strategy and roadmap to bring people, process and technology into a managed program that ensures your content is managed and understood.

Content solutions help organizations transform the way they work by putting strategies into motion to capture, protect, activate, analyze and engage content for greater insight and action, including:

  • Imaging and workflow
  • Business content services and analytics
  • Case management

Governance solutions help organizations manage their business information from creation to disposition, and address challenges in records management, electronic discovery, audit and compliance, including:

  • Records management
  • Defensible disposal and value-based archiving
  • eDiscovery

Consulting services include developing new ECM strategies—or re-evaluating your existing one—through assessments, roadmap development and planning. Our goal is to help your organization develop an effective ECM program that combines people, processes and technology into one effective solution driving productivity, improving business insight, and reducing cost of compliance.

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