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How can you improve and accelerate your software development delivery?

  • Are you investigating or do you have a DevOps program?
  • Are you able to deliver software projects at the speed and quality the business expects?
  • Are you struggling with implementing or scaling Agile?
  • Are you leveraging software development automation like testing and build/release/deploy, or are you doing those things manually?
  • Are you able to quickly and efficiently provision operational environments and platforms, or do teams wait weeks or longer to have those requests fulfilled?

The answer is DevOps

Depending on your answers, your organization may be an ideal candidate for adopting DevOps practices. DevOps is a framework that dramatically improves time-to-value for new business ideas, removes friction and organizational silos that slow software delivery cycles down, improves quality, and ultimately allows an organization to react faster to opportunities so it can beat competitors to market.

Sirius offers expert resources for the entire DevOps life cycle

With dedicated resources spanning virtually all software development disciplines, Sirius can help.

Sirius provides a full-service DevOps program comprising consulting, software, infrastructure, and operations solutions and services, to help clients develop their software more rapidly, with higher quality and less risk.

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The first step is a Sirius DevOps Assessment

The first step to DevOps success is a Sirius DevOps Assessment, which provides efficient ways to evaluate some or all aspects of your software development life cycle. Our consultants will identify bottlenecks and impediments to quality, productivity and delivery across the entire DevOps life cycle and IT stack, and provide recommendations that will reduce time-to-market, improve quality, and mitigate risk. Outputs may include current state analysis, prioritized high-value areas of improvement, recommended end-states, end-to-end software development value stream mapping, best practices assessments, risk assessments, and implementation roadmaps.

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