Whether your goal is to cut costs, reallocate funds or optimize spend, Sirius can help you deliver.

Cost optimization offerings tailored to your needs

From maintenance to subscriptions and software licensing, there’s always money to save. That’s why our cost optimization experts—with decades of proven industry experience in IT cost reduction—have developed 17 proven cost optimization offerings.  These offerings include a wide range of solutions and services to help reduce your technology expenses, allowing you to proceed with projects critical to supporting your business.  All 17 offerings can be implemented almost immediately, and they can generate significant savings in as little as one month. 
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Start optimizing IT costs today

Sirius can work with you to structure innovative financing solutions in a variety of ways. These allow you to leverage the value of assets you already own, reduce payments on financing you already have, or proceed with acquisitions you need right now using promotional terms, payment deferrals, or flexible consumption models that align your costs with usage and cash flow.  
  • Look carefully at your environment to identify any inefficiencies, from aging infrastructure, increased overhead, support or licensing costs over three to five years 
  • Examine your apps to determine whether to keep or retire them 
  • Optimize software licensing and cloud consumption 
  • Extend the useful life of existing infrastructure 
  • Leverage the value of your assets to inject cash back into your business 
  • Secure better deals with your solutions providers 

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Client Success Stories

Cost Savings and Extended Payment Terms

A Midwestern regional healthcare system had a large operational infrastructure support contract that was expiring and needed to be renewed. However, COVID-19 had severely impacted their revenues. Sirius provided a comprehensive solution consisting of cost savings combined with extended payment terms and 0% interest, so they could continue their coverage while spreading out payments over five years.

Volume Purchase Agreement Stretches Budget Further

A global retail chain spends millions of dollars every year on hardware, software and associated maintenance, but has historically leveraged multiple distributors. By consolidating their spend with Sirius, we were able to provide a volume purchase agreement (VPA) to increase their buying power and stretch their budget further. They were able to use the cost savings to fund several projects related to their adoption of cloud-based services.

Cost Effective, On-Demand Cloud Services

A client lost two key Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineers right before the pandemic. They were looking to hire replacements to help develop a key application in AWS, but with the pandemic they were not able to hire. Sirius was able to provide them with on-demand cloud services as part of our Cloud Transitional Services offering. The choice proved to be cost-effective enough that they plan to continue using Sirius’ cloud expertise even when they are able to hire again.

Optimize Your IT Staff and Portfolio

A leading nationwide retail chain had separate P&Ls for its ecommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses. Each business had its own IT staff and received IT support from a corporate shared service. The ecommerce business was struggling to meet revenue targets and retained Sirius to perform a cost-reduction evaluation. The engagement resulted in the recommended optimization of overall IT staff across the business, and optimization of the overall technology portfolio supported by the client’s staff.

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  • do it all with a deep understanding of proven cost-saving methodologies and a determination to help you achieve short- and long-term financial success
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